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List of the best series about lawyers selected by visitors to our site: Fairly Legal, Bull, Notorious, For The People, Undercover, Burden of Truth, The Good Fight, Proven Innocent, When They See Us, City on a Hill.

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Fairly Legal (2011)
Mark7.2 (imdb: 7.3)
Genrecomedy, drama

Kate Reed is a firm believer that justice can always be found--even if it's not always in the courtroom. Once a lawyer at her family's esteemed San Francisco firm, Kate's frustration with the legal system led her to a new career as a mediator. Thanks to her innate understanding of human nature, thorough legal knowledge, and winning smile, Kate is a natural when it comes to dispute resolution. Except, it seems, when it comes to conflicts in her own life.

Bull (2016)
Mark7.4 (imdb: 7)
Genrecomedy, drama, crime
CharactersLawyers, Lawyers, Psychologists
StyleLight, Fascinating

Dr. Jason Bull is the brilliant, brash, and charming founder of a hugely successful trial consulting firm.

Notorious (2016)
Markimdb: 6.6
Genrethriller, drama
CharactersLawyers, Lawyers
PlaceLos Angeles
StyleDisturbing, Action, Fascinating

Follows the professional and personal relationship between a charismatic attorney and a powerhouse television producer as they attempt to control the media, the justice system, and ultimately - each other...

For The People (2018)
Mark10 (imdb: 7.3)
CharactersLawyers, Friends
StyleFascinating, Spectacular

Brand new lawyers work for both the defense and the prosecution as they handle the most high profile and high stakes cases in the country – all as their personal lives intersect.

Undercover (2016)
Markimdb: 6.9
Genrethriller, drama
CountryUnited Kingdom
StyleAction, Disturbing

Undercover follows Maya, the first black Director Of Public Prosecutions. Just as she is about to take up the post and her life comes under intense public scrutiny, she learns that that her husband Nick has been lying to her for years. Twenty years ago Nick was a fearless and dedicated undercover officer, infiltrating organisations considered a danger to society because of their political beliefs. Nick built himself a fake past and now with his wife unsuspecting and his conscience killing him – his secret identity may compromise the new Director of Public Prosecutions.

Burden of Truth (2018)
Mark10 (imdb: 7.3)
PlotMedicine, Investigation
PlaceSmall towns
StyleSoulful, Fascinating

A big city lawyer returns to her hometown to take the case of a group of girls suffering from a mysterious illness. A series order of ten episodes is being produced for CBC.

The Good Fight (2017)
Mark9.6 (imdb: 8.3)
Genredrama, crime
CharactersBusinessmen, Lawyers, Lesbians
PlotRelationship, Investigation, Intrigue
StyleSpectacular, Easy, Fascinating

Picking up one year after the events of the final broadcast episode of "The Good Wife", an enormous financial scam has destroyed the reputation of a young lawyer, Maia Rindell, while simultaneously wiping out her mentor and godmother Diane Lockhart's savings. Forced out of her law firm, now called "Lockhart, Deckler, Gussman, Lee, Lyman, Gilbert, Lurie, Kagan, Tannebaum & Associates", they join Lucca Quinn at one of Chicago's preeminent law firms.

Proven Innocent (2019)
Mark2 (imdb: 6.5)
Genredrama, crime, detective
CharactersStrong women, Lawyers

Madeline Scott, a fierce and uncompromising lawyer with a hunger for justice, runs an underdog criminal defense firm. There is no one who understands the power of setting an innocent person free more than Madeline. At age 18, she was wrongfully convicted, along with her brother, in a sensational murder case. Madeline defends others as she fights to maintain her innocence and searches for the real killer in her own case.

When They See Us (2019)
Mark8.4 (imdb: 8.9)
Genredrama, crime
CharactersTeenagers, Parents, Lawyers
StyleBased on real events

Five teens from Harlem become trapped in a nightmare when they're falsely accused of a brutal attack in Central Park.

City on a Hill (2019)
Mark7.6 (imdb: 7.5)
Genrethriller, drama, crime
CharactersPartners, Lawyers
PlotFBI, Investigation
StyleAtmospheric, Fascinating, Spectacular

In early 90s Boston, an African-American District Attorney comes in from Brooklyn advocating change and forms an unlikely alliance with a corrupt yet venerated FBI veteran invested in maintaining the status quo. Together they take on a family of armored car robbers from Charlestown in a case that grows to encompass and eventually upend Boston’s city-wide criminal justice system.

The Capture (2019)
Markimdb: 7.8
Genrethriller, detective
CountryUnited Kingdom
CharactersDetectives, Lawyers
PlotIntrigue, Investigation

When soldier Shaun Emery's conviction for a murder in Afghanistan is overturned due to flawed video evidence, he returns to life as a free man with his young daughter. But when damning CCTV footage from a night out in London comes to light, Shaun's life takes a shocking turn and he must soon fight for his freedom once again.

Castle Rock (2018)
Mark7 (imdb: 7.6)
Genrehorror, thriller, fantasy, drama, detective
PlotInvestigation, Death
PlacePrison, Small towns
StyleBy books

Based on the stories of Stephen King, the series intertwines characters and themes from the fictional town of Castle Rock.

Insatiable (2018)
Mark7.6 (imdb: 6.5)
Genrethriller, comedy, drama
CharactersTeenagers, bbw, Lawyers
StyleFor girls, Netflix

A bullied teenager turns to beauty pageants as a way to exact her revenge, with the help of a disgraced coach who soon realizes he's in over his head.

Fearless (2017)
Markimdb: 7.6
Genrethriller, drama, crime, detective
CountryUnited Kingdom
CharactersPupils, Lawyers

Emma Banville, a human rights lawyer known for defending lost causes, sets out to prove the innocence of Kevin Russell, who was convicted for the murder of a school girl 14 years earlier.

Apple Tree Yard (2017)
Mark10 (imdb: 7.2)
Genrethriller, drama
CountryUnited Kingdom
CharactersLawyers, Scientists
PlotTreason, Love

What starts out as a simple, reckless mid-life affair between a genetic scientist named Yvonne and a Westminster paper pusher takes an intriguing turn when she realizes he’s a spook – then suddenly gets very dark indeed. A provocative study of obsession, longing and just how far down a criminal path desire can take you.

The Grinder (2015)
Markimdb: 7.1
CharactersLawyers, Family

Television lawyer Dean Sanderson moves back to his small home town after his hit series, "The Grinder," is canceled thinking his time on TV qualifies him to run his family's law firm.

The Escape Artist (2013)
Mark9 (imdb: 7.7)
Genrethriller, drama
CountryUnited Kingdom
StyleShort, Action

A chilling and bloody legal thriller that explores the line between law and justice. Will Burton, a talented junior barrister of peerless intellect and winning charm, specialises in spiriting people out of tight legal corners. He is in high demand as he has never lost a case. But when his talents acquit the notorious prime suspect in an horrific murder trial, that brilliance comes back to bite him with unexpected and chilling results, not to mention a shocking twist.

Scandal (2012)
Mark7.4 (imdb: 7.7)
Genrethriller, drama
PlotMystery, Politics

Everyone has secrets and Olivia Pope has dedicated her life to protecting and defending the public images of the elite by keeping those secrets under wraps. Pope and her team are at the top of their game when it comes to getting the job done for their clients, but it becomes apparent that these "gladiators in suits," who specialize in fixing the lives of other people, have trouble fixing those closest at hand -- their own.

The Firm (2012)
Markimdb: 7.1
Genreaction, thriller, drama, detective
CountryCanada, USA
CharactersLawyers, Judges

As a young associate, Mitchell McDeere brought down the prestigious Memphis law firm of Bendini, Lambert & Locke, which operated as a front for the Chicago mob—and his life was never the same. After a difficult decade, which included a stay in the Federal Witness Protection program, Mitch and his family now emerge from isolation to reclaim their lives and their future—only to find that past dangers are still lurking and new threats are everywhere.

Suits (2011)
Mark8.6 (imdb: 8.5)
Genrecomedy, drama
StylePopular, Fascinating

While running from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant young college-dropout, slips into a job interview with one of New York City's best legal closers, Harvey Specter. Tired of cookie-cutter law school grads, Harvey takes a gamble by hiring Mike on the spot after he recognizes his raw talent and photographic memory. Mike and Harvey are a winning team. Even though Mike is a genius, he still has a lot to learn about law. And while Harvey may seem like an emotionless, cold-blooded shark, Mike's sympathy and concern for their cases and clients will help remind Harvey why he went into law in the first place. Mike's other allies in the office include the firm's best paralegal Rachel and Harvey's no-nonsense assistant Donna to help him serve justice. Proving to be an irrepressible duo and invaluable to the practice, Mike and Harvey must keep their secret from everyone including managing partner Jessica and Harvey's arch nemesis Louis, who seems intent on making Mike's life as difficult as possible.