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List of the best Czech movies selected by visitors to our site: The Illusionist, Serena, The Bourne Identity, The Brothers Grimm, A Sound of Thunder, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Tristan & Isolde, Oliver Twist, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Casino Royale.

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The Illusionist (2006)
Mark8.8 (imdb: 7.6)
Genrethriller, melodrama, drama, detective
CountryUSA, Czech Republic
CharactersMagician, Police, Friends, Wizards
PlotAdventure, Love, Rivalry, Investigation, Death, Superpowers, Jealousy, Magic, Mystery, Obsession, Love triangle
PlaceMansions, Castle
StyleAtmospheric, Fascinating, Unexpected ending

With his eye on a lovely aristocrat, a gifted illusionist named Eisenheim uses his powers to win her away from her betrothed, a crowned prince. But Eisenheim's scheme creates tumult within the monarchy and ignites the suspicion of a dogged inspector.

Serena (2014)
Mark8 (imdb: 5.4)
Genremelodrama, drama
CountryUSA, France, Czech Republic
CharactersStrong women, Sheriffs
PlotJealousy, Fate, Obsession, Loneliness
StyleFascinating, Action, Tense

North Carolina mountains at the end of the 1920s – George and Serena Pemberton, love-struck newly-weds, begin to build a timber empire. Serena soon proves herself to be equal to any man: overseeing loggers, hunting rattle-snakes, even saving a man’s life in the wilderness. With power and influence now in their hands, the Pembertons refuse to let anyone stand in the way of their inflated love and ambitions. However, once Serena discovers George’s hidden past and faces an unchangeable fate of her own, the Pemberton’s passionate marriage begins to unravel leading toward a dramatic reckoning.

The Bourne Identity (2002)
Mark9 (imdb: 7.9)
Genreaction, thriller, detective
CountryUSA, Germany, Czech Republic
CharactersSpecial agents, CIA, Spy
PlotAdventure, Fight, Chase, The escape, Confrontation, Mystery, Lost memory
StyleExciting, Disturbing

Wounded to the brink of death and suffering from amnesia, Jason Bourne is rescued at sea by a fisherman. With nothing to go on but a Swiss bank account number, he starts to reconstruct his life, but finds that many people he encounters want him dead. However, Bourne realizes that he has the combat and mental skills of a world-class spy – but who does he work for?

The Brothers Grimm (2005)
Mark9 (imdb: 5.9)
Genreaction, thriller, fantasy, comedy, adventure
CountryUSA, Czech Republic, United Kingdom
CharactersWitch, Wizards
PlotSupernatural, Adventure
PlaceVillage, Germany
Time18th century
StyleExciting, Light

Folklore collectors and con artists, Jake and Will Grimm, travel from village to village pretending to protect townsfolk from enchanted creatures and performing exorcisms. However, they are put to the test when they encounter a real magical curse in a haunted forest with real magical beings, requiring genuine courage.

A Sound of Thunder (2005)
Mark8 (imdb: 4.3)
Genrehorror, fantastic, action, thriller, adventure
CountryUnited Kingdom, USA, Germany, Czech Republic
CharactersScientists, Dinosaurs
PlotTime travel, Time machine, Adventure, Survival, Technology
PlaceJungle, Laboratory
StyleExciting, Disturbing, For men

When a hunter sent back to the prehistoric era runs off the path he must not leave, he causes a chain reaction that alters history in disastrous ways.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)
Mark8 (imdb: 6.5)
Genreaction, fantasy, adventure, family
CountryUSA, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic
CharactersWizards, Teens, Witch, Heroes, Family, Kings, Lions
PlotAdventure, Cheating, Travel
PlaceEngland, Parallel worlds

One year after their incredible adventures in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Peter, Edmund, Lucy and Susan Pevensie return to Narnia to aid a young prince whose life has been threatened by the evil King Miraz. Now, with the help of a colorful cast of new characters, including Trufflehunter the badger and Nikabrik the dwarf, the Pevensie clan embarks on an incredible quest to ensure that Narnia is returned to its rightful heir.

Tristan & Isolde (2006)
Mark8 (imdb: 6.8)
Genreaction, melodrama, drama
CountryUSA, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic

An affair between the second in line to Britain's throne (Franco) and the princess of the feuding Irish (Myles) spells doom for the young lovers.

Oliver Twist (2005)
Mark9.6 (imdb: 6.8)
Genredrama, crime
CountryUnited Kingdom, Czech Republic, France, Italy
CharactersOrphans, Thieves, Poor
PlaceEngland, London
StyleTouching, Tense, To cry

Oliver Twist the modern filmed version of Charles Dickens bestseller, a Roman Polanski adaptation. The classic Dickens tale, where an orphan meets a pickpocket on the streets of London. From there, he joins a household of boys who are trained to steal for their master.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)
Mark9.2 (imdb: 7.4)
Genreaction, thriller, adventure
CountryUSA, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic
CharactersSpecial agents, Killers, Spy, Heroes, CIA
PlotAdventure, Fight, Intrigue, Mystery, Skirmishes, Undercover, Pads
StyleExciting, Fascinating

Ethan Hunt and his team are racing against time to track down a dangerous terrorist named Hendricks, who has gained access to Russian nuclear launch codes and is planning a strike on the United States. An attempt to stop him ends in an explosion causing severe destruction to the Kremlin and the IMF to be implicated in the bombing, forcing the President to disavow them. No longer being aided by the government, Ethan and his team chase Hendricks around the globe, although they might still be too late to stop a disaster.

Casino Royale (2006)
Mark9.6 (imdb: 8)
Genreaction, thriller, adventure
CountryUnited Kingdom, Czech Republic, USA, Germany, Bahamas
CharactersSpy, CIA
PlotGambling, Adventure, Fight, Chase, Pursuit
StyleExciting, Disturbing, For men

Le Chiffre, a banker to the world's terrorists, is scheduled to participate in a high-stakes poker game in Montenegro, where he intends to use his winnings to establish his financial grip on the terrorist market. M sends Bond – on his maiden mission as a 00 Agent – to attend this game and prevent Le Chiffre from winning. With the help of Vesper Lynd and Felix Leiter, Bond enters the most important poker game in his already dangerous career.

La Vie en Rose (2007)
Mark8.8 (imdb: 7.6)
Genredrama, music, biography
CountryFrance, United Kingdom, Czech Republic
CharactersSingers, Blind, Poor
PlotDeath, Fate, Music, On real events
StyleTouching, Gloomy, Atmospheric

A swirling, impressionistic portrait of an artist who regretted nothing, writer-director Olivier Dahan's La Vie en Rose stars Marion Cotillard in a blazing performance as the legendary French icon Edith Piaf. From the mean streets of the Belleville district of Paris to the dazzling limelight of New York's most famous concert halls, Piaf's life was a constant battle to sing and survive, to live and love. Raised in her grandmother's brothel, Piaf was discovered in 1935 by nightclub owner Louis Leplee (Gerard Depardieu), who persuaded her to sing despite her extreme nervousness. Piaf became one of France's immortal icons, her voice one of the indelible signatures of the 20th Century.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)
Mark7.8 (imdb: 5.8)
Genrefantastic, action, thriller, adventure
CountryUSA, Czech Republic
CharactersNinja, Soldier, Military, Scientists, Spy, Terrorists
PlotConfrontation, Mystery, Skirmishes, Betrayal
StyleExciting, By comics, Fascinating

From the Egyptian desert to deep below the polar ice caps, the elite G.I. JOE team uses the latest in next-generation spy and military equipment to fight the corrupt arms dealer Destro and the growing threat of the mysterious Cobra organization to prevent them from plunging the world into chaos.

Solomon Kane (2009)
Mark8.8 (imdb: 6.1)
Genreaction, fantasy, adventure
CountryFrance, Czech Republic, United Kingdom
CharactersHeroes, Witch
PlotSupernatural, Revenge, Adventure, Fate, Chase
StyleAtmospheric, Exciting, Gothic, For men

A nomadic 16th century warrior, condemned to hell for his brutal past, seeks redemption by renouncing violence, but finds some things are worth burning for as he fights to free a young Puritan woman from the grip of evil.

Doom (2005)
Mark7 (imdb: 5.2)
Genrehorror, fantastic, action, thriller
CountryUnited Kingdom, Czech Republic, Germany, USA
CharactersSpecial Forces, Aliens, Military, Monsters
PlotWeapon, Teleportation, Supernatural, Chase
StyleBy games, Heavy, Tense, Disturbing

A team of space marines known as the Rapid Response Tactical Squad, led by Sarge, is sent to a science facility on Mars after somebody reports a security breach. There, they learn that the alert came after a test subject, a mass murderer purposefully injected with alien DNA, broke free and began killing people. Dr. Grimm, who is related to team member Reaper, informs them all that the chromosome can mutate humans into monsters -- and is highly infectious.

I Served the King of England (2006)
Mark5.6 (imdb: 7.4)
Genrecomedy, melodrama, drama, military
CountryCzech Republic, Slovakia
PlaceHotels, Prison
TimeWorld War II
StyleTo cry

Jan Dítě has been released from a Czech prison just before the very end of his 15-year sentence. Settling in a town near the border, he occupies his time with rebuilding a deserted house, and recalling his past. His main wish in life was to be a millionaire. Jan begins his career as a frankfurter vendor, and slowly learns the power of money and the influence it exerts over people.

Forbidden Kingdom (2014)
Mark7.8 (imdb: 5.2)
Genrethriller, fantasy, adventure
CountryRussia, Ukraine, Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic
CharactersDemons, Wizards, Monsters
PlotSupernatural, Adventure, Witchcraft
PlaceUkraine, Village, Forest
Time18th century
StyleAtmospheric, Exciting, Depressive, Disturbing

Early 18th century. Cartographer Jonathan Green undertakes a scientific voyage from Europe to the East. Having passed through Transylvania and crossed the Carpathian Mountains, he finds himself in a small village lost in impassible woods. Nothing but chance and heavy fog could bring him to this cursed place. People who live here do not resemble any other people which the traveler saw before that. The villagers, having dug a deep moat to fend themselves from the rest of the world, share a naive belief that they could save themselves from evil, failing to understand that evil has made its nest in their souls and is waiting for an opportunity to gush out upon the world.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)
Mark8.6 (imdb: 5.8)
Genrefantastic, action, fantasy, adventure
CountryUSA, Germany, Czech Republic, United Kingdom
CharactersSuperhero, Vampire, Heroes
PlotAdventure, Rivalry, Supernatural, Superpowers
StyleSteampunk, Exciting, Atmospheric, Disturbing, Fancy

To prevent a world war from breaking out, famous characters from Victorian literature band together to do battle against a cunning villain.

The Prince & Me (2004)
Mark7 (imdb: 5.9)
Genrecomedy, melodrama
CountryUSA, Czech Republic
StyleTo cry

A fairy tale love-story about pre-med student Paige who falls in love with a Danish Prince "Eddie" who refused to follow the traditions of his parents and has come to the US to quench his thirst for rebellion. Paige and Edward come from two different worlds, but there is an undeniable attraction between them.

Snowpiercer (2013)
Mark6.4 (imdb: 7.1)
Genrefantastic, action, thriller, drama
CountrySouth Korea, Czech Republic, USA, France
PlotRevolution, Survival, Snow, Uprising
TimePost apocalypse, Future
StyleHeavy, Disturbing, Makes me think

In a future where a failed global-warming experiment kills off most life on the planet, a class system evolves aboard the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe via a perpetual-motion engine.

Van Helsing (2004)
Mark9.4 (imdb: 6.1)
Genreaction, thriller, fantasy, adventure, detective
CountryUSA, Czech Republic
CharactersVampire, Werewolf, Heroes
PlotSupernatural, Adventure
StyleGothic, Exciting, Disturbing, Steampunk

Famed monster slayer Gabriel Van Helsing is dispatched to Transylvania to assist the last of the Valerious bloodline in defeating Count Dracula. Anna Valerious reveals that Dracula has formed an unholy alliance with Dr. Frankenstein's monster and is hell-bent on exacting a centuries-old curse on her family.