Ukrainian TV shows

List of the best Ukrainian TV shows selected by visitors to our site: Far Away, So Close, My Dog & I.

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Far Away, So Close (2013)
Genremelodrama, crime, detective
CountryRussia, Ukraine

27-year-old Sakumi Shimura lost the last 10 years of her memory from a car accident. Sakumi can only remember events up to when she was 17-years-old, but she accepts her fate and tries to stay positive. Nevertheless, Sakumi is bothered by the loss of her memory. She tries to remember with the help of Yoshihiko, who thinks of himself as her boyfriend and her friend from their high school days.

My Dog & I (2018)

Sasha faces her hardest days ever. Her husband’s cheating triggers a series of traumatic events. It is only through her deep loving bond with her dog that she will be able to get her life back on track.