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List of the best spy movies for melodramas selected by visitors to our site: Official Secrets, Red Joan, Submergence, Despite the Falling Snow, Allied, Mortdecai, Bang Bang!, Commitment, This Means War, Restless
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Official Secrets (2019)
Mark8 (imdb: 7.3)
Genrethriller, melodrama, drama
CountryUnited Kingdom, USA
CharactersLawyers, Mothers, Spy, Judge
PlotInvestigation, Computers, Intrigue, Blackmail, On real events
PlaceEngland, USA, Court

The true story of British intelligence whistleblower Katharine Gun who—prior to the 2003 Iraq invasion—leaked a top-secret NSA memo exposing a joint US-UK illegal spying operation against members of the UN Security Council. The memo proposed blackmailing member states into voting for war.

Red Joan (2018)
Markimdb: 6.4
Genremelodrama, drama, biography
CountryUnited Kingdom
CharactersStrong women, Spy
TimeCold War
StylePatriotic, Womens in main roles, Depressive, Tense, Disturbing

London, England, May 2000. The peaceful life of elderly Joan Stanley is suddenly disrupted when she is arrested by the British Intelligence Service and accused of providing information to communist Russia during the forties.

Submergence (2017)
Markimdb: 5.4
Genrethriller, melodrama, drama
CountryGermany, France, Spain, USA
CharactersScientists, Spy, Terrorists
PlotAdventure, Love
PlaceBeach, France
TimeNew Year
StyleSoulful, Touching, To cry

While James More is held captive by terrorists in Somalia, thousands of miles away on the Greenland Sea, his lover Danny Flinders prepares to dive herself in a submersible into the deep bottom of the ocean, tormented by the memories of their brief encounter in France and her inability to know his whereabouts.

Despite the Falling Snow (2016)
Markimdb: 5.8
Genrethriller, melodrama, drama, detective
CountryUnited Kingdom, Canada
CharactersSpy, Artists, Lesbians
PlotLove triangle, Mystery, Love, Political
PlaceMoscow, USSR, Russia
TimeCold War
StyleAction, Touching, Tense, Disturbing

In Cold War Moscow, a female spy steals secrets from an idealistic politician – and falls in love with him. Moscow, 1959: Katya (Rebecca Ferguson, Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation, The Girl on the Train, The White Queen), is young, beautiful – and a spy for the Americans. When she and Mischa (Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Emerald City), begin spying on Alexander ( Sam Reid, Anonymous), an idealistic Communist politician, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with him. Her choice between love and duty leads to a nail-biting conclusion that Alexander (Charles Dance, The Imitation Game) can only unravel decades later in 1990s New York. His journey back to the snowbound streets of Moscow uncovers a love triangle and betrayals from those he trusted most.

Allied (2016)
Mark9.4 (imdb: 7.1)
Genreaction, thriller, melodrama, drama, military
CountryUSA, United Kingdom
CharactersSoldier, Military, Spy
PlotLove, Investigation, Death, War, Intrigue, Skirmishes, Cheating
PlaceEngland, France, Night Clubs

In 1942, an intelligence officer in North Africa encounters a female French Resistance fighter on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. When they reunite in London, their relationship is tested by the pressures of war.

Mortdecai (2015)
Mark7 (imdb: 5.5)
Genreaction, comedy, melodrama, crime, detective
CountryUnited Kingdom, USA
CharactersSpy, Friends, Special agents
PlotLove, Robbery, Abduction, Art, Justice, Pursuit, Chase
PlaceEngland, London
StyleExciting, Disturbing, For men, Fancy

Art dealer, Charles Mortdecai, searches for a stolen painting rumored to contain a secret code that gains access to hidden Nazi gold.

Bang Bang! (2014)
Mark9.6 (imdb: 5.5)
Genreaction, comedy, melodrama
CharactersPartners, Spy
PlotDancing, Rivalry, Survival, Chase
PlaceIndia, Asia
StyleExciting, For men

A girl gets mixed up with a spy trying to clear his name. A chance encounter of the unassuming bank receptionist Harleen Sahni with the charming yet mysterious Rajveer Nanda, results in an on-rush of ditched planes, car chases, shoot-outs, bombing raids and general global mayhem. But as the transcontinental chase ensues with Rajveer convincing Harleen that he's the good guy, can she really trust him, and will trust matter when the bullets start flying?

Commitment (2013)
Markimdb: 6.7
Genreaction, melodrama, drama
CountrySouth Korea
CharactersSpy, Hired assassins, Heroes
PlotMotorcycles, Pursuit
PlaceKorea, Asia
StyleExciting, Disturbing

The son of a North Korean spy decides to follow in his father's footsteps to protect his little sister. After his father’s botched espionage mission, North Korean Myung-hoon and his young sister Hye-in are sent to a labor prison camp. In order to save his sister’s life, Myung-hoon volunteers to become a spy and infiltrates the South as a teenage defector. While attending high school in the South, he meets another girl named Hye-in, and rescues her when she comes under attack. South Korean Intelligence soon discover Myung-hoon’s activities and begin tracking him, all the while his own government sends a vicious assassin to eliminate him.

This Means War (2012)
Mark8.6 (imdb: 6.3)
Genreaction, comedy, melodrama
CharactersSpy, CIA, Teens, Old man, Friends
PlotLove, Adventure, War, Love triangle, Rivalry
StyleExciting, For single girls

Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman.

Restless (2012)
Markimdb: 7.1
Genremelodrama, drama
CountryUnited Kingdom, Germany
TimeWorld War II
StyleAction, Fascinating, Disturbing

A young woman finds out that her mother worked as a spy for the British Secret Service during World War II and has been on the run ever since.

25 more movies
Ek Tha Tiger (2012)
Mark10 (imdb: 5.5)
Genreaction, thriller, melodrama
CharactersSpy, Heroes
PlotChase, Conspiracies
PlaceIndia, Asia
StyleExciting, To cry, Disturbing

RAW agent Tiger is on a mission to retrieve information from a scientist in Dublin. The plot centers on an Indian spy (RAW) code-named Tiger who falls in love with a Pakistani spy (ISI) during an investigation and how Tiger's ideology and principles change over time.

Knight and Day (2010)
Mark8.4 (imdb: 6.3)
Genreaction, comedy, melodrama, adventure
CharactersSpy, Partners, CIA, FBI
PlotTravel, Mystery, Adventure, Rivalry, Survival, Skirmishes, Chase

A fugitive couple goes on a glamorous and sometimes deadly adventure where nothing and no one – even themselves – are what they seem. Amid shifting alliances and unexpected betrayals, they race across the globe, with their survival ultimately hinging on the battle of truth vs. trust.

The Tourist (2010)
Mark8.2 (imdb: 6)
Genreaction, thriller, melodrama
CountryUSA, France, Italy
CharactersTourists, Spy, Snipers
PlotUndercover, Adventure, Love, Chase
PlaceItaly, Hotels
StyleUnexpected ending, Exciting, Tense

American tourist Frank (Johnny Depp) meets mysterious British woman Elsie (Angelina Jolie) on the train to Venice. Romance seems to bud, but there's more to her than meets the eye. Remake of the 2005 French film "Anthony Zimmer", written and directed by Jérôme Salle.

Shanghai (2010)
Mark10 (imdb: 6.4)
Genrethriller, melodrama, drama, detective, military
CountryUSA, China
CharactersMafia, Lovers, Spy
PlaceChina, Asia
TimeWorld War II
StyleFascinating, Disturbing, Tense, Gloomy

An American man returns to a corrupt, Japanese-occupied Shanghai four months before Pearl Harbor and discovers his friend has been killed. While he unravels the mysteries of the death, he falls in love and discovers a much larger secret that his own government is hiding.

My Girlfriend Is an Agent (2009)
Mark10 (imdb: 6.3)
Genreaction, comedy, melodrama
CountrySouth Korea

Disguised as a travel agent, “Su-ji” is a government spy with six years’ experience who can’t reveal her career to her boyfriend “Jae-joon.” After she lies again, her boyfriend breaks up with her and leaves without notice, leaving her struggling alone with her sadness. Three years later, while chasing an industrial spy in disguise as a cleaning lady, she happens to run into Jae-joon. He’s become an international certified accountant, and seeing him throws her feelings into doubt.Lying is part of the job, secrecy is the name of the game in "My Girlfriend is an Agent".

Duplicity (2009)
Mark8.4 (imdb: 6.1)
Genrethriller, melodrama, crime
CountryUSA, Germany
CharactersLosers, Spy, CIA
PlotRivalry, Intrigue, Investigation, Justice
StyleSoulful, Atmospheric, Smart, Disturbing

Two romantically-engaged corporate spies team up to manipulate a corporate race to corner the market on a medical innovation that will reap huge profits and enable them to lead an extravagant lifestyle together.

Get Smart (2008)
Mark8.6 (imdb: 6.5)
Genreaction, thriller, comedy, melodrama, adventure
CountryUSA, Canada
CharactersSpecial agents, Spy, Heroes, Presidential
PlotDancing, Betrayal

When the identities of secret agents from Control are compromised, the Chief promotes hapless but eager analyst Maxwell Smart and teams him with stylish, capable Agent 99, the only spy whose cover remains intact. Can they work together to thwart the evil plans of KAOS and its crafty operative?

Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control (2008)
Markimdb: 4.9
Genrefantastic, action, comedy, melodrama
CharactersSpy, Heroes, Friends, Partners, CIA
PlotRivalry, Adventure, Undercover
StyleExciting, For men

Bumbling R&D inventors Bruce and Lloyd get out of the lab and into the field as they search to locate their latest invention - which has somehow gone missing. When you're used to spending your day inventing the most cutting edge spy equipment known to man, adapting the stealth and guile needed to become a true secret agent doesn't come naturally. Unfortunately the invisibility cloak that the pair recently collaborated on has disappeared, and in order to ensure that it doesn't fall into the hands of KAOS they will have to master the skills of a true spy. But how exactly does one find an object that's invisible to begin with? As the search gets underway, these brainy inventors are given an eye-opening crash course in high-level espionage.

Lust, Caution (2007)
Mark10 (imdb: 7.5)
Genrethriller, melodrama, drama, military
CountryUSA, China, Taiwan
CharactersLovers, Students, Spy, Actors
PlaceAsia, China
StyleFascinating, Smart, Patriotic

During World War II a secret agent must seduce, then assassinate an official who works for the Japanese puppet government in Shanghai. Her mission becomes clouded when she finds herself falling in love with the man she is assigned to kill.

The Constant Gardener (2005)
Mark9.6 (imdb: 7.4)
Genrethriller, melodrama, drama, detective
CountryUnited Kingdom, Germany
PlotMystery, Death, Investigation, Cancer, Obsession
StyleAction, Disturbing, Fascinating, Makes me think

Justin Quayle is a low-level British diplomat who has always gone about his work very quietly, not causing any problems. But after his radical wife Tessa is killed he becomes determined to find out why, thrusting himself into the middle of a very dangerous conspiracy.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)
Mark9.4 (imdb: 6.5)
Genreaction, thriller, comedy, melodrama, crime
CharactersHired assassins, Partners, Spy, CIA

After five (or six) years of vanilla-wedded bliss, ordinary suburbanites John and Jane Smith are stuck in a huge rut. Unbeknownst to each other, they are both coolly lethal, highly-paid assassins working for rival organisations. When they discover they're each other's next target, their secret lives collide in a spicy, explosive mix of wicked comedy, pent-up passion, nonstop action and high-tech weaponry.

D.E.B.S. (2004)
Mark10 (imdb: 5.3)
Genreaction, comedy, melodrama
CharactersLesbians, Spy, Heroes, Teens
StyleExciting, Light, Fancy

The star of a team of teenage crime fighters falls for the alluring villainess she must bring to justice.

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London (2004)
Mark10 (imdb: 4.6)
Genrefantastic, action, comedy, melodrama, adventure, family
CharactersSpy, Heroes, Teens, Family, CIA
PlotAdventure, Rivalry, Undercover
PlaceEngland, Summer camp, London

With all-new gadgets, high-flying action, exciting chases and a wisecracking new handler, Derek (Anthony Anderson), Cody has to retrieve the device before the world's leaders fall under the evil control of a diabolical villain.

The Recruit (2003)
Mark7.6 (imdb: 6.6)
Genreaction, thriller, melodrama, drama, crime
CharactersSpy, Hackers, CIA
StyleUnexpected ending, Heavy, Tense, Disturbing, For men

A brilliant CIA trainee must prove his worth at the Farm, the agency's secret training grounds, where he learns to watch his back and trust no one.

Agent Cody Banks (2003)
Mark8.2 (imdb: 5.1)
Genreaction, thriller, comedy, melodrama, adventure, family, crime
CountryUSA, Canada
CharactersHeroes, Teens, Family, Spy, Teachers, CIA
PlotAdventure, Rivalry, Undercover

Recruited by the U.S. government to be a special agent, nerdy teenager Cody Banks must get closer to cute classmate Natalie in order to learn about an evil plan hatched by her father. But despite the agent persona, Cody struggles with teen angst.

Bon Voyage (2003)
Markimdb: 6.7
Genrethriller, comedy, melodrama, drama, detective, military
CharactersDogs, Jews, Thieves, Students, Spy
PlotWar, Survival, Dancing, Prison Break, Chase
PlaceFrance, School, England, Hotels, Prison, Aircraft
TimeWorld War II

Isabelle Adjani and Gerard Depardieu star in director Jean-Paul Rappenau's amusing farce set on the eve of World War II, which follows the intersecting lives of four Parisians as they cope with the impending invasion of their city by German forces. As the French government braces for impact, the lives of a young writer, a vain movie star, a French politician and a young scientist are examined as they attempt to deal with war and evade German spies.

Cypher (2002)
Mark7 (imdb: 6.8)
Genrefantastic, thriller, melodrama, detective
CountryUSA, Canada
CharactersHackers, Spy
PlotLost memory, Conspiracies
StyleCyberpunk, Unexpected ending, Action, Disturbing

An unsuspecting, disenchanted man finds himself working as a spy in the dangerous, high-stakes world of corporate espionage. Quickly getting way over-his-head, he teams up with a mysterious femme fatale.

Charlotte Gray (2001)
Mark3.6 (imdb: 6.4)
Genrethriller, melodrama, drama, military
CountryUnited Kingdom, Australia, Germany
CharactersSpy, Friends, Jews
PlotWar, Mystery
PlaceFrance, London
TimeWorld War II
StyleFascinating, To cry, Gloomy

This is a drama set in Nazi-occupied France at the height of World War II. Charlotte Gray tells the compelling story of a young Scottish woman working with the French Resistance in the hope of rescuing her lover, a missing RAF pilot. Based on the best-selling novel by Sebastian Faulks.

Enigma (2001)
Mark9.2 (imdb: 6.3)
Genrethriller, melodrama, drama, detective, military
CountryUnited Kingdom, USA, Germany, Netherlands
CharactersSpy, Heroes
PlotWar, Missing people, Love triangle, On real events
PlaceSubmarines, Scotland
TimeWorld War II
StyleSmart, Fascinating, Soulful

A romantic thriller based around the World War 2 project to crack the codes behind the Enigma machine, used by the Germans to encrypt messages sent to their submarines.

Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story (2000)
Markimdb: 6.9
Genremelodrama, drama, family
CharactersSpy, Writers, Soldier, Orphans, Strong women, Surgeons, Drivers
PlotDancing, Missing people, Growing up
PlaceNew York, Islands, Trains, France, Beach

Now in her twenties, Anne returns to Avonlea for the first time since Marilla Cuthbert's death. Gilbert has been offered a position in a hospital in New York, and he persuades Anne to come with him. He arranges a position for her at a large publishing house. Big city life isn't what they expected. Anne's manuscript is stolen by a dashing American writer, Jack Garrison. Thus the stage is set for a final three hour installment in the "Anne of Green Gables" story which follows the characters from New York, the war effort in Europe and eventually returns them to the red earth of Prince Edward Island.

Year of the Comet (1992)
Mark8.2 (imdb: 5.8)
Genreaction, comedy, melodrama, adventure
PlotAdventure, Weapon, Motorcycles, Mystery, Obsession, Fog, Chase
PlaceScotland, Hotels, France, Castle, Lake, Helicopters

Year of the Comet is a 1992 romantic comedy adventure film about the pursuit of the most valuable bottle of wine in history. The title refers to the year it was bottled, 1811, which was known for the Great Comet of 1811, and also as one of the best years in history for European wine.

The Saint (1997)
Mark5.2 (imdb: 6.3)
Genrefantastic, action, thriller, melodrama, adventure
PlotRivalry, Intrigue, Chase
PlaceRussia, England
StyleExciting, Heavy, For men, Tense, Disturbing

Simon Templar (The Saint), is a thief for hire, whose latest job to steal the secret process for cold fusion puts him at odds with a traitor bent on toppling the Russian government, as well as the woman who holds its secret.

Three Colors: Red (1994)
Mark10 (imdb: 8.1)
Genremelodrama, drama, detective
CountryFrance, Luxembourg, Poland
CharactersModels, Dogs, Judge, Spy
StyleAtmospheric, Unexpected ending, Touching

Part-time model Valentine meets a retired judge who lives in her neighborhood after she runs over his dog. At first the judge gifts Valentine with the dog, but her possessive boyfriend won't allow her to keep it. When she returns with the dog to the judge's house, she discovers him listening in on his neighbors' phone conversations. At first Valentine is outraged, but her debates with the judge over his behavior soon leads them to form a strange bond.

Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992)
Mark6.6 (imdb: 6)
Genrefantastic, thriller, comedy, melodrama
CountryUSA, France
CharactersSpy, Heroes, Dogs, Hired assassins, Special agents
PlotSurvival, Chase, Loneliness
StyleTense, Disturbing

After a freak accident, an invisible yuppie runs for his life from a treacherous CIA official while trying to cope with his new life.

The Living Daylights (1987)
Markimdb: 6.7
Genreaction, thriller, melodrama, adventure
CountryUnited Kingdom, USA
CharactersSpy, Snipers, Heroes
PlotAdventure, Chase
PlaceEngland, Aircraft
StyleExciting, For men

James Bond helps a Russian General escape into the west. He soon finds out that the KGB wants to kill him for helping the General. A little while later the General is kidnapped from the Secret Service leading 007 to be suspicious.