Cannibal Movies

List of the best cannibalistic movies selected by visitors to our site: Bone Tomahawk, The Bad Batch, Hannibal, My Bloody Valentine, Omnivores, Insect, Raw, The BFG, The Horde, The Samurai.

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Bone Tomahawk (2015)
Mark9 (imdb: 7.1)
Genrehorror, drama, adventure, western
CountryUSA, United Kingdom
CharactersIndians, Killers, Cannibals, Warriors, Sheriffs, Surgeons
PlotSurvival, Weapon, Death, Abduction
PlaceWild West, Prison
StyleDepressive, Atmospheric, Tense

During a shootout in a saloon, Sheriff Hunt injures a suspicious stranger. One of the villagers takes care of him in prison. One day they both disappear – only the spear of a cannibal tribe is found. Hunt and a few of his men go in search of the prisoner and his nurse.

The Bad Batch (2017)
Mark7.8 (imdb: 5.3)
Genrehorror, fantastic, melodrama, drama
CharactersCannibals, Rabbits, Mute
PlotMotorcycles, Abduction
PlaceDeserts, Mansions
TimePost apocalypse
StyleAction, Exciting, Tense, Fascinating

In a desert wasteland in Texas, a muscled cannibal breaks one important rule: don’t play with your food.

Hannibal (2001)
Mark9.8 (imdb: 6.8)
Genrethriller, drama, crime, detective
CountryUSA, United Kingdom
CharactersManiacs, Killers, Police, Cannibals, Detectives, Serial killers, Special agents, FBI
PlotInvestigation, Confrontation, Revenge, Rivalry
PlacePrison, USA
StyleDisturbing, Atmospheric, Heavy, Depressive, Smart

After having successfully eluded the authorities for years, Hannibal peacefully lives in Italy in disguise as an art scholar. Trouble strikes again when he's discovered leaving a deserving few dead in the process. He returns to America to make contact with now disgraced Agent Clarice Starling, who is suffering the wrath of a malicious FBI rival as well as the media.

My Bloody Valentine (1981)
Mark8 (imdb: 6.3)
Genrehorror, thriller, detective
CharactersManiacs, Killers, Cannibals, Serial killers, Miners
PlotSurvival, Holidays, Love triangle, Chase, Fear
PlaceParty, USA, Psychiatric hospitals, Small cities
StyleDisturbing, Heavy, Creepy

Twenty years ago in the sleepy mining town of Valentine Bluffs, a fatal mining disaster occurred on Valentine's Day while some of the crew was decorating for a party. The sole survivor of the accident killed the remaining crewmembers and warned the town not to celebrate Valentine's Day again. When a group of teenagers decides to defy that order, a murderous maniac in mining gear begins dispatching townsfolk in bloody and creative ways.

Omnivores (2013)
Mark4 (imdb: 5.6)
Genrehorror, thriller
PlotInvestigation, Survival
StyleHeavy, For men, Disturbing

Marcos Vela is a prestigious gastronomic journalist who accepts the request of an independent publisher to write an article on the recent emergence of the Clandestine Restaurants.

Insect (2018)
Mark7 (imdb: 6.2)
Genrecomedy, drama
CountryCzech Republic, Slovakia
CharactersActors, Insects, Dogs, Cannibals, Ants, Old man, Tourists, Beetles, Babies
PlotJealousy, Hunger, Chase
StyleNot for everyone

The Dung Beetle is late, the Parasite is asleep and Mrs Larva is more interested in her knitting than the director’s instructions. It’s clear: this amateur theatre company has a long way to go before they can perform their version of The Insect Play, a famous satirical work from 1922 by the brothers Karel and Josef Čapek which features insects with decidedly human traits: greed, egocentrism, jealousy.

Raw (2016)
Markimdb: 7
Genrehorror, fantasy, drama
CountryFrance, Belgium, Italy
CharactersSisters, Cannibals, Gay, Dogs, Horses, Students
PlaceSchool, Party, Prison

In Justine’s family everyone is a vet and a vegetarian. At 16, she’s a gifted teen ready to take on her first year in vet school, where her older sister also studies. There, she gets no time to settle: hazing starts right away. Justine is forced to eat raw meat for the first time in her life. Unexpected consequences emerge as her true self begins to form.

The BFG (2016)
Mark10 (imdb: 6.4)
Genrefantasy, adventure, family
CountryUSA, United Kingdom, India, Canada
CharactersGiants, Cats, Orphans, Cannibals, Dogs, Family
PlotAdventure, Fate, Dreams, Abduction
PlaceEngland, Helicopters, London

The BFG is no ordinary bone-crunching giant. He is far too nice and jumbly. It's lucky for Sophie that he is. Had she been carried off in the middle of the night by the Bloodbottler, or any of the other giants—rather than the BFG—she would have soon become breakfast. When Sophie hears that the giants are flush-bunking off to England to swollomp a few nice little chiddlers, she decides she must stop them once and for all. And the BFG is going to help her!

The Horde (2016)
Mark3 (imdb: 4.2)
Genrehorror, action
CharactersTeens, Monsters, Friends, Pupils, Cannibals, Mutant
PlotDeath, Fear, Martial Arts, Survival
PlaceMountains, USA, Forest
StyleAction, Tense, Exciting

The film follows John Crenshaw as he accompanies his girlfriend and her students on a weekend nature-photography expedition deep into the woods. What should be an educational and fun-filled weekend turns into horror as the group is besieged by an unspeakable evil - a horde of hideously disfigured, mutated humans with an insatiable taste for blood. As things go from bad to worse, Crenshaw becomes their only hope if they are going to get out alive.

The Samurai (2014)
Mark2 (imdb: 5.7)
Genrehorror, thriller, fantasy
CharactersSamurai, Cannibals
PlotSupernatural, Death

A wolf strives through the woods around an isolated German village. Jakob the young local police officer is onto him, but scents something more in the darkness. What he finds is a man, it seems, wild eyed, of wiry build, in a dress. He carries a katana, a Samurai sword. When the Samurai invites Jakob to follow him on his crusade towards the village, it becomes Jakob's mission to pursue the lunatic to end this wanton destruction. At the end of the night Jakob has experienced too much, is too far from whom he once was. Something hidden has been unleashed to meet the first rays of daylight.

The Green Inferno (2014)
Mark10 (imdb: 5.3)
Genrehorror, adventure
CountryChile, USA
CharactersCannibals, Amazons
PlotSurvival, Hostage
StyleDisturbing, Heavy, Tense, For men

A group of student activists travel from New York City to the Amazon to save the rainforest. However, once they arrive in this vast green landscape, they soon discover that they are not alone… and that no good deed goes unpunished.

Coffin Baby (2013)
Mark2 (imdb: 3.2)
Genrehorror, thriller
CharactersSerial killers, Cannibals, Old man, Reporters
StyleUnexpected ending

An attractive young woman is kidnapped, held captive and forced to endure the evils of one of the most violent homicidal maniacs in the city's history. "The Toolbox Killer" aka TBK. It is by her will, strength and her faith that she must survive, the ordeal. Her escape is almost hopeless. Unfortunately her situation only worsens when outside supernatural forces become more difficult to contend with than TBK.

Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal (2012)
Markimdb: 5.6
Genrehorror, comedy
CountryCanada, Denmark
CharactersCannibals, Losers, Artists
PlaceSmall cities
StyleDisturbing, Action, For men

A once-famous painter rediscovers inspiration when he befriends a sleepwalking cannibal.

Sawney: Flesh of Man (2012)
Markimdb: 4.5
Genrehorror, thriller
CountryUnited Kingdom
CharactersCannibals, Sisters, Reporters

Religious psychopath Sawney stalks Scotland abducting unholy souls for his communion of sacrifices. With his insane family of inbred killers, Sawney tortures and eats their victims saving the best morsels for a chained-up figure in their cavernous Highlands lair. As the Missing Persons list rises investigative crime journalist Hamish MacDonald writes sensational and damming headlines against the police, due to their incompetence in handling the case. After his fiancée is kidnapped by the cannibal clan Hamish investigates the heinous crimes on his own with disastrous results. For there’s something he doesn’t know about the case that’s crucial to solving it…

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)
Mark9.6 (imdb: 4.6)
CountryUSA, Germany
CharactersCannibals, Mutant
PlotSurvival, Snow, Chase
StyleHeavy, Disturbing

Follows a group of friends that decide to go snowmobiling during their winter break. They make a "wrong turn", getting lost in a storm.

Donner Pass (2012)
Markimdb: 4.5
CharactersCannibals, Teens
PlotSurvival, Curses, Snow
StyleDisturbing, Heavy

Donner Pass has a well-known and macabre history - the place where George Donner and his party got stuck in the winter of 1846 and were forced to resort to cannibalism to keep from starving. But what if it wasn't just history?

Macabre (2009)
Mark10 (imdb: 6.5)
CountrySingapore, Indonesia
CharactersCannibals, Newlyweds

Six friends are captured and tortured by a murderous family after giving a ride home to a desperate stranger.

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)
Mark9.2 (imdb: 4.6)
CountryUSA, Germany
CharactersFriends, Cannibals, Dogs, Sheriffs, Mutant
PlotSupernatural, Survival, Chase
PlacePrison, Forest
StyleHeavy, Disturbing

A group of people find themselves trapped in the backwoods of West Virginia, fighting for their lives against a group of vicious and horribly disfigured inbred cannibals.

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)
Mark9.6 (imdb: 5.5)
Genrehorror, thriller
PlotRivalry, Survival, Chase
StyleHeavy, Disturbing

Retired military commander Colonel Dale Murphy hosts the simulated post-apocalyptic reality show where participants are challenged to survive a remote West Virginia wasteland. But the show turns into a nightmarish showdown when each realizes they are being hunted by an inbred family of cannibals determined to make them all dinner!

Parenthood (1989)
Markimdb: 7
Genrecomedy, drama
CharactersCannibals, Teens, Scientists
StyleTouching, Fancy

The story of the Buckman family and friends, attempting to bring up their children. They suffer/enjoy all the events that occur: estranged relatives, the "black sheep" of the family, the eccentrics, the skeletons in the closet, and the rebellious teenagers.