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List of the best panther movies selected by visitors to our site: The Jungle Book, Cat People, The Return of the Pink Panther, Black Panther, Zoology, Ticking Clock, Snowflake, the White Gorilla, Red Hill, Jaguar, The Jungle Book.

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The Jungle Book (2016)
Markimdb: 7.4
Genrefantasy, drama, adventure, family, cartoon
CountryUSA, United Kingdom
CharactersAnimals, Monkeys, Family, Friends, Wolves
PlotAdventure, Travel, Survival, Chase, Justice
PlaceJungle, India, Village, Nature
StyleDisney, Serious

A man-cub named Mowgli fostered by wolves. After a threat from the tiger Shere Khan, Mowgli is forced to flee the jungle, by which he embarks on a journey of self discovery with the help of the panther, Bagheera and the free-spirited bear, Baloo.

Cat People (1982)
Markimdb: 6.2
Genrehorror, thriller, fantasy, melodrama, drama
CharactersWolves, Panther
StyleAtmospheric, Action, Disturbing, Serious

After years of separation, Irina and her minister brother, Paul, reunite in New Orleans in this erotic tale of the supernatural. When zoologists capture a wild panther, Irina is drawn to the cat -- and the zoo curator is drawn to her. Soon, Irina's brother will have to reveal the family secret: that when sexually aroused, they turn into predatory jungle cats.

The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)
Markimdb: 7.1
Genrecomedy, crime, detective
CountryUnited Kingdom
PlotRevenge, Chase, False accusations, Gems, Pursuit

The famous Pink Panther jewel has once again been stolen and Inspector Clouseau is called in to catch the thief. The Inspector is convinced that 'The Phantom' has returned and utilises all of his resources – himself and his Asian manservant – to reveal the identity of 'The Phantom'.

Black Panther (2018)
Markimdb: 7.3
Genrefantastic, action, drama, adventure
CountryUSA, South Africa, South Korea, Australia
CharactersSuperhero, Dogs, Spy, Kings, Princesses
PlotMartial Arts, Revenge, Technology, Chase
PlaceJungle, Aircraft, Africa, Village
StyleMarvel, Oscars, Tense

King T'Challa returns home from America to the reclusive, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to serve as his country's new leader. However, T'Challa soon finds that he is challenged for the throne by factions within his own country as well as without. Using powers reserved to Wakandan kings, T'Challa assumes the Black Panther mantel to join with girlfriend Nakia, the queen-mother, his princess-kid sister, members of the Dora Milaje (the Wakandan 'special forces') and an American secret agent, to prevent Wakanda from being dragged into a world war.

Zoology (2016)
Markimdb: 6.4
Genrefantastic, drama
CountryRussia, Germany, France
CharactersMonkeys, Lions, Panther, Hairdressers, Mothers
PlotDancing, Love, Flowers
PlaceZoos, Beach, Russia, Small cities

Natasha is a lonely, middle-aged admin employee at the zoo who still lives at home with her mother. One day her life is turned upside down when she discovers she has grown a tail…

Ticking Clock (2011)
Markimdb: 5.3
Genrefantastic, action, thriller, detective
CharactersTeachers, Nuns, Panther, Serial killers, Reporters
PlotMystery, Investigation, Time machine
StyleHeavy, Disturbing, Serious

A reporter stumbles upon the journal of a murderer replete with plans to butcher specific people, and investigates on his own, finding that every trail leads to a 9-year-old orphan living in a group home.

Snowflake, the White Gorilla (2011)
Markimdb: 4.4
Genrecomedy, adventure, family, cartoon
CharactersWitch, Family, Friends, Pandas, Panther
PlotAdventure, Friendship

Snowflake is special, he's the only white gorilla in the world. He is the zoo's main attraction, children love him, but the other gorillas don't see what's so charming about this weirdo being the center of attention. With the help of Ailur, a Buddhist black panther reincarnated into the body of a red panda, and Paula, a smart little girl, Snowflake plans a sneak visit to the witch at the circus. She can help him be a normal gorilla. But outside the safety of the zoo's walls, the three friends are in danger. Thomas, a total jinx, is convinced that the white gorilla is the amulet he needs to counter his bad luck. This cruel and superstitious man is prepared to do whatever it takes to capture Snowflake.

Red Hill (2010)
Markimdb: 6.4
Genrethriller, drama, crime
CharactersHorses, Panther
PlotRevenge, Prison Break
PlaceAustralia, Small cities
StyleFor men, Atmospheric, Action, Depressive, Heavy

Young police officer Shane Cooper's first day on duty, after relocating to the small town of Red Hill, rapidly turns into a nightmare. News of a prison break, involving convicted murderer Jimmy Conway, sends the local law enforcement officers - led by the town's ruling presence, Old Bill - into a panic and leads to a terrifying and bloody confrontation.

Jaguar (1996)
Markimdb: 6
Genreaction, comedy, adventure
CharactersPanther, Shamans
PlotGambling, Adventure, Fate
PlaceJungle, France, Hotels
StyleExciting, Touching, Action, Twisted plot

A shaman from the South American rain forest visits France for a public relations campaign. In a hotel's elevator in Paris he meets a French good-for-nothing named Perrin he's fascinated with. He follows Perrin to his flat and although Perrin is not very enthusiastic about so much interest in his person, he lets the shaman spend the night in his flat. After an official meeting on the next day being part of the PR campaign the shaman suffers from a heart attack. Hardly being able to speak and laying in a hospital bed he demands to see Perrin. The latter is not very interested in meeting the shaman again. However it looks like it is to late for animosities as the shaman and Perrin seem to be tied mentally somehow since they've met in the elevator.

The Jungle Book (1994)
Markimdb: 6
Genremelodrama, adventure, family
CharactersBears, Tigers, Orphans, Panther, Heroes
PlotAdventure, Treasures, Survival, Friendship
StyleExciting, Action

Raised by wild animals since childhood, Mowgli is drawn away from the jungle by the beautiful Kitty. But Mowgli must eventually face corrupt Capt. Boone, who wants both Kitty's hand and the treasures of Monkey City – a place only Mowgli can find.

The Jungle Book (1967)
Markimdb: 7.6
Genremusical, adventure, family, cartoon
CharactersMonkeys, Kings, Wolves, Bears, Tigers
PlotAdventure, Rivalry, Friendship
PlaceJungle, India
StyleDisney, Touching

The boy Mowgli makes his way to the man-village with Bagheera, the wise panther. Along the way he meets jazzy King Louie, the hypnotic snake Kaa and the lovable, happy-go-lucky bear Baloo, who teaches Mowgli "The Bare Necessities" of life and the true meaning of friendship.

Cat People (1942)
Markimdb: 7.3
Genrehorror, thriller, detective
CharactersZombie, Monsters, Panther, Cats
PlotJealousy, Mystery, Love triangle, Curses
PlaceZoos, New York, USA
StyleAtmospheric, Action, Noir, Disturbing, Serious

Serbian fashion designer Irena Dubrovna and American marine engineer Oliver Reed meet in Central Park, fall in love and marry after a brief courtship; but Irena won't consummate the union for fear that she will turn into a panther compelled to kill her lover, pursuant to a belief harbored by her home village.

Ultimate Avengers 2 (2006)
Markimdb: 6.6
Genrefantastic, action, fantasy, adventure, cartoon
CharactersSuperhero, Monsters, Giants, Partners, Panther
PlotAlien invasion, Adventure, Superpowers, Saving the World
StyleExciting, Serious

Mysterious Wakanda lies in the darkest heart of Africa, unknown to most of the world. An isolated land hidden behind closed borders, fiercely protected by its young king - the Black Panther. But when brutal alien invaders attack, the threat leaves the Black Panther with no option but to go against the sacred decrees of his people and ask for help from outsiders.

Saaho (2019)
Markimdb: 5.2
Genreaction, thriller, crime
CharactersSnake, Panther
PlotLove, Motorcycles, Weapon, Cheating, Skirmishes
PlaceAircraft, Deserts
StyleAction, Tense, Fascinating

A battle for power ensues as warring gangters thrive to gain possession of a "black box" that can make them richer than they already are, and an undercover cop intervenes with the help of his sharp intellect and an instinct to kill.

Mowgli (2018)
Markimdb: 6.5
Genrefantasy, drama, adventure
CountryUSA, United Kingdom
CharactersAnimals, Warriors, Deer, Wolves, Snake
PlotFriendship, Chase, Survival
PlaceJungle, Nature
StyleBeautiful landscapes

A human child raised by wolves, must face off against a menacing tiger named Shere Khan, as well as his own origins.