Movies about serial killers

Movies about serial killers
List of the best movies about serial killers selected by visitors to our site: Halloween, The Postcard Killings, Midnight in the Switchgrass, No Man of God, The Drone, Midnight, The Silencing, We Summon the Darkness, Tony, Silent Night.

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Halloween (2018)
Markimdb: 6.5
Genrehorror, thriller
CharactersDogs, Maniacs, Teens, Serial killers, Teachers
PlotSurvival, Dancing, Fight, Money, Death
PlacePrison, School, Psychiatric hospitals, Party
StyleUnexpected ending, Psychological problems, Heavy, Creepy, Disturbing

Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

The Postcard Killings (2020)
Markimdb: 5.8
Genredrama, crime, detective
CountryUnited Kingdom, USA
CharactersManiacs, Serial killers, Killers, Reporters
PlaceHospitals, Cemetery, London
StyleTense, Disturbing

After suffering a personal tragedy, and desperate for justice, Jacob Kanon, a veteran New York City police detective, embarks on the search for a twisted killer who is leaving a bloody trail of elaborate murders across Europe.

Midnight in the Switchgrass (2021)
Markimdb: 4.3
Genrethriller, crime, detective
CharactersSerial killers, Maniacs, Truckers, FBI, Beautiful girls
PlotSurvival, Abduction, Investigation, Cheating, Human trafficking
StyleWomens in main roles

FBI Agent Karl Helter and his partner Rebecca Lombardo are very close to busting a sex-trafficking ring. When they realize their investigation has crossed the path of a brutal serial killer, they team up with a Texas Ranger to put an end to the infamous 'Truck Stop Killer'.

No Man of God (2021)
CharactersManiacs, Serial killers, FBI

Based on real life transcripts culled from conversations between FBI analyst Bill Hagmaier and serial killer Ted Bundy that took place between 1984 and 1989, No Man of God details the complicated relationship that formed between the two men during Bundy’s final years on death row.

The Drone (2021)
Markimdb: 4
Genrehorror, comedy
CharactersSerial killers
PlotInvestigation, Obsession

A newlywed couple is terrorized by a consumer drone that has become sentient with the consciousness of a deranged serial killer.

Midnight (2021)
Markimdb: 6.3
Genreaction, thriller
CountrySouth Korea
CharactersSerial killers
PlotLove, Pursuit
StyleDorama, Womens in main roles

Kyung-mi, a girl with hearing impairment lives with her mother. Working at the customer call center, one day she storms out of an unpleasant dinner with the client and drives home after she picks up her mother. Meanwhile, the murderer Do-sik spots Kyung-mi's mother waiting for her daughter who went to park her car but changes his target when another girl So-jung passes him by talking on the phone. So-jung gets stabbed by Do-sik in the back alley and is found by Kyung-mi, who ends up becoming Do-sik’s new prey.

The Silencing (2020)
Markimdb: 6.2
Genrethriller, crime, detective
CountryUSA, Canada
CharactersSerial killers, Hermits, Introverts, Old men
PlaceNature reserves
StyleFor men

A reformed hunter becomes involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse when he and the local sheriff set out to track a vicious killer who may have kidnapped his daughter years ago.

We Summon the Darkness (2020)
Markimdb: 5.2
Genrehorror, thriller
CountryUSA, Canada, United Kingdom
CharactersTeens, Serial killers, Killers, Rabbits
PlotSurvival, Travel, Religious, Conspiracies, Sects

Three best friends attending a heavy-metal show cross paths with sadistic killers after they travel to a secluded country home for an after party.

Tony (2010)
Markimdb: 6.2
Genrehorror, thriller, drama
CountryUnited Kingdom
CharactersGay, Serial killers, Hermits
PlotObsession, Loneliness, Death
StylePsychological problems, Action, Depressive, Serious, Disturbing

Unemployed and unemployable, Tony is a sympathetic recluse with severe social problems, an addiction to VHS action films and a horrible moustache. Occasionally he snaps and murder is the result…

Silent Night (2012)
Markimdb: 5.2
Genrehorror, thriller, comedy, detective
CountryCanada, USA
CharactersSerial killers
PlaceUSA, Small cities
TimeNew Year
StyleHeavy, Serious, Disturbing

The police force of a remote Midwestern town search for a killer Santa Claus who is picking off citizens on Christmas Eve.

Take Shelter (2011)
Markimdb: 7.4
Genrehorror, thriller, drama
CharactersSerial killers, Thieves, Jews, Losers, Orphans
PlotSurvival, Superpowers, Death, Supernatural, Mental disorders
PlaceGhetto, Forest, Ireland
StyleRomantic, Atmospheric, Fancy, Touching, Serious

Plagued by a series of apocalyptic visions, a young husband and father questions whether to shelter his family from a coming storm, or from himself.

Some Guy Who Kills People (2011)
Markimdb: 6.4
Genrehorror, thriller, comedy, drama, crime, detective
CharactersSerial killers, Losers
PlotBasketball, Revenge, Rivalry
PlaceUSA, Small cities
StyleTwisted plot, Fancy, Black humor

A former mental patient's repressed anger reaches the boiling point, leading him to embark on a mission of revenge against the thugs who once subjected him to severe physical and mental trauma.

The Voices (2014)
Markimdb: 6.4
Genrehorror, thriller, fantasy, comedy, crime
CountryUSA, Germany
CharactersDogs, Serial killers, Cats, Psychiatrists
PlotLoneliness, Mental disorders
PlaceSmall cities
StylePsychological problems, Twisted plot, Tense, Fancy, Black humor

A mentally unhinged factory worker must decide whether to listen to his talking cat and become a killer, or follow his dog's advice to keep striving for normalcy.

Serial Killer 1 (2015)
Markimdb: 6.6
Genredrama, crime
CharactersSerial killers, Lawyers
PlotOn real events, Obsession
PlaceCourt, France
StyleAction, By books, Serious, Disturbing

The hunt, capture and trial of Guy Georges, one of France's most notorious serial killer.

Missing You (2016)
Markimdb: 6.7
Genrethriller, drama, crime
CountrySouth Korea
CharactersManiacs, Serial killers, Fathers, Detectives
PlotRevenge, Investigation, Death, Justice, Freedom
PlacePrison, Korea
StylePsychological problems, Heavy, Tense, Serious, Disturbing

A girl who lost her father to a serial killer, a detective and a killer are intertwined in a chaotic relationship and are met with an unprecedented series of events.

Dark Signal (2016)
Markimdb: 4.4
Genrehorror, thriller, detective
CountryUnited Kingdom
CharactersManiacs, Serial killers, Killers, Blonde girls, Disabled people
PlotMotorcycles, Mystery, Death, Supernatural, Pursuit
PlaceEngland, Country houses, Small cities
StyleTense, Creepy, Depressive

The spirit of a murdered girl returns with a message. Now a stranded woman must team up with the staff of a local station to solve the mystery of her death.

Fender Bender (2016)
Markimdb: 4.9
Genrehorror, thriller
CharactersManiacs, Serial killers

In a small New Mexico town, a 17-year-old high school girl who just got her driver’s license gets into her first Fender Bender, innocently exchanging her personal information with an apologetic stranger. Later that stormy night, she is joined in her desolate suburban home by a couple of her school friends who try their best to make a night out of it, only to be visited by the stranger she so willingly handed all of her information to — a terrifying and bizarre serial killer who stalks the country’s endless miles of roads and streets with his old rusty car, hungrily searching for his next unsuspecting victim.

Sparks (2013)
Markimdb: 5.4
Genrefantastic, action, thriller
CharactersSuperhero, Serial killers, Heroes
PlaceUSA, New York
StyleExciting, Fascinating, Serious, For men, Noir

A masked vigilante who discovers the dark side to heroism. Going after the nation's most notorious super criminal leaves Sparks' life and reputation in ruins.

Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces (2014)
Markimdb: 7.7
Genrefantastic, thriller, drama, crime, detective
CharactersSerial killers, FBI, Sheriffs
PlotInvestigation, Mystery
PlaceSmall cities
StylePsychological problems

The long-awaited missing pieces from the original version of the film – nearly an hour-and-a-half of deleted/alternate scenes from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – often referred to as the “holy grail” of Twin Peaks fandom.

Assumed Killer (2013)
Markimdb: 3.6
Genrethriller, drama, detective
CharactersSerial killers, Reporters
PlotInvestigation, Mystery, Funeral, Lost memory
PlaceHospitals, USA
StyleAction, Serious, Disturbing

Bernard Salzmann's thriller Assumed Killer tells the tale of a reporter investigating a serial killer. After she suffers an accident and becomes an amnesiac, she begins to suspect her husband may be the person responsible for the brutal slayings