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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 2019
Mill Valley, Pennsylvania, Halloween night, 1968. After playing a joke on a school bully, Sarah and her friends decide to sneak into a supposedly haunted house that once belonged to the powerful Bellows family, unleashing dark forces that they will be unable to control.
List of the best movies like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019): Re-cycle, Cloverfield, The Offering, Alone, Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite, Carrie, I Am Not a Serial Killer, Body Cam, The Grudge, The Turning.

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Re-cycle (2006)
Markimdb: 6.1
Genrehorror, thriller, fantasy
CountryThailand, Hong Kong
CharactersZombie, Monsters, Writers, Directors, Old man
PlotGhosts, Toys, Supernatural, Life after death, Mystery
PlaceChina, Parallel worlds
StyleDisturbing, Tense, Serious, Psychological problems

Ting-yin, a young novelist, is struggling to come up with a followup to her best-selling trilogy of romance novels. After drafting her first chapter, she stops and deletes the file from her computer. She then starts seeing strange, unexplainable things and finds that she is experiencing the supernatural events that she described in her novel-to-be.

Cloverfield (2008)
Markimdb: 7
Genrehorror, fantastic, thriller, detective
CharactersAliens, Monsters, Friends, Military
PlotSupernatural, Survival, Fear
PlaceParty, New York, Helicopters
StyleDepressive, Heavy, Disturbing, Tense, First person

Five young New Yorkers throw their friend a going-away party the night that a monster the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city. Told from the point of view of their video camera, the film is a document of their attempt to survive the most surreal, horrifying event of their lives.

The Offering (2016)
Markimdb: 3.8
Genrehorror, thriller, drama, detective
CountrySingapore, USA
CharactersInsects, Demons, Reporters
PlotGhosts, Supernatural, Death, Investigation, Internet
StyleDepressive, Disturbing, Tense

When young and successful reporter Jamie finds out that her sister has died in mysterious circumstances, she travels to Singapore to uncover the truth. There, she discovers multiple deaths linked to her sister's and must join forces with her sister's husband in order to defeat a demonic entity that is using new technology to complete an ancient mission.

Alone (2020)
Markimdb: 6.2
CharactersManiacs, Psychopath, Hunters
PlotTravel, Ghosts, Supernatural, Death, Survival
StyleAction, Depressive, Disturbing, Tense, Serious

A recently widowed traveler is kidnapped by a cold blooded killer, only to escape into the wilderness where she is forced to battle against the elements as her pursuer closes in on her.

Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite (2015)
Markimdb: 5.3
PlotMagic, Ghosts, Supernatural, Revenge, Death
StyleDepressive, Creepy, Disturbing, Tense

There is an ancient ritual known to humankind for more than a hundred years...According to the legend, an ominous entity known as The Queen of Spades can be summoned by drawing a door and staircase on a mirror in the darkness, and by saying her name three times. The Queen of Spades gets her energy from reflective objects; she cuts locks of hair from those asleep, and those that see her go mad or die. Four teenagers decide to call The Queen of Spades as a joke. But when one of them dies of a sudden heart attack, the group realizes they are up against something inexplicable and deadly dangerous.

Carrie (2013)
Markimdb: 5.9
Genrehorror, thriller, drama
CharactersTeens, Teachers, Friends, Difficult teens, Mothers
PlotSupernatural, Revenge, Death, Telekinesis, Superpowers
PlaceSchool, Small cities
StyleDepressive, Heavy, Disturbing, Tense, By books

A reimagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White, a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother, who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.

I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016)
Markimdb: 6.2
Genrehorror, thriller, drama
CountryRepublic of Ireland, United Kingdom, USA
CharactersTeens, Monsters, Serial killers, Single mothers, Pupils
PlotDancing, Supernatural, Death, Snow, Pursuit
PlaceSmall cities, USA
TimeHalloween, New Year, Winter
StyleAtmospheric, Depressive, Tense, Psychological problems, Action

Fifteen-year old John Cleaver is dangerous, and he knows it. He’s obsessed with serial killers, but really doesn’t want to become one. Terrible impulses constantly tempt him, so for his own sake, and the safety of those around, he lives by rigid rules to keep himself “good” and “normal”. However, when a real monster shows up in his town he has to let his dark side out in order to stop it – but without his rules to keep him in check, he might be more dangerous than the monster he’s trying to kill.

Body Cam (2020)
Markimdb: 5.3
Genrehorror, thriller, detective
PlotSupernatural, Death, Investigation
StyleDisturbing, Tense, Serious, Womens in main roles

Cops involved with covering up a murder by getting rid of their body cam video footage find themselves haunted by an evil spirit.

The Grudge (2020)
Markimdb: 4.3
Genrehorror, thriller, detective
CountryUSA, Japan, Canada
PlotGhosts, Supernatural, Death
StyleAtmospheric, Disturbing, Serious, Womens in main roles

After a young mother murders her family in her own house, a detective attempts to investigate the mysterious case, only to discover that the house is cursed by a vengeful ghost. Now targeted by the demonic spirits, the detective must do anything to protect herself and her family from harm.

The Turning (2020)
Markimdb: 3.8
Genrehorror, drama
CountryUnited Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, India, Canada, USA
CharactersOrphans, Nephews, Babysitting
PlotGhosts, Supernatural
StyleBy books, Disturbing, Serious

A young woman quits her teaching job to be a private tutor (governess) for a wealthy young heiress who witnessed her parent's tragic death. Shortly after arriving, the girl's degenerate brother is sent home from his boarding school. The tutor has some strange, unexplainable experiences in the house and begins to suspect there is more to their story.

The Devil Below (2021)
Markimdb: 4.3
CharactersFriends, Monsters
PlotRevenge, Friendship, Supernatural, Death, Chase
StyleAction, Depressive, Tense, Disturbing, Womens in main roles

A group of four amateur adventurers who specialize in exploring remote and forsaken places pay a visit to Shookum Hills, a town in the remote Appalachian Mountains which was abandoned decades ago due to a mysterious coal mine fire.

The Sand (2015)
Markimdb: 3.8
Genrehorror, fantastic, thriller, comedy
CharactersAliens, Monsters, Teens
PlotSupernatural, Survival
PlaceParty, Beach, USA
StyleDisturbing, Black humor, Depressive, Tense, Unexpected ending

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water again, you can’t even get across the sand! BLOOD BEACH meets SPRING BREAKERS in an ace monster mash-up of smart nostalgia and up-to-the-minute visual effects. After an all-night graduation beach party, a group of hung-over students wake up under blazing sun to find their numbers somewhat depleted. An enormous alien creature has burrowed down deep and anyone foolish enough to make contact with the sand finds themselves at the mercy of a sea of flesh-eating tentacles. Will they ever be able to escape its carnivorous clutches?

Truth or Dare (2017)
Markimdb: 5
CharactersTeens, Monsters, Friends
PlotGhosts, Supernatural, Mystery, Evil spirits, Rivalry
StyleDisturbing, Action, Tense, Fascinating

Eight college friends head to a "Haunted Rental" in a remote town for Halloween weekend. There, they play the game rumored to have caused the deaths of seven teenagers decades earlier, Truth or Dare. What starts out as vodka induced fun, quickly turns serious when the dares become sickeningly dangerous and the truths threaten to tear the group apart. When players attempt to refuse the increasingly challenging tasks, they're met with deadly consequences, quickly discovering: you must do the dare, or the dare does you. As the death toll mounts, the remaining players must race against the clock to outrun, outsmart and outlast the simple game of Truth or Dare.

The Bye Bye Man (2017)
Markimdb: 4.2
Genrehorror, thriller
CountryUSA, China
CharactersKillers, Students, Demons, Monsters
PlotGhosts, Supernatural, Death, Survival, Fear
PlaceUSA, Party
StylePhilosophical, Depressive, Heavy, Disturbing, Tense

When three college students move into an old house off campus, they unwittingly unleash a supernatural entity known as The Bye Bye Man, who comes to prey upon them once they discover his name. The friends must try to save each other, all the while keeping The Bye Bye Man's existence a secret to save others from the same deadly fate.

Polaroid (2019)
Markimdb: 5.1
Genrehorror, thriller, detective
CountryCanada, Norway, USA
CharactersPhotographers, Dogs, Lesbians, Criminals, Students
PlotGhosts, Supernatural, Death, Damn things, Investigation
TimeDark ones, Halloween
StyleDepressive, Creepy, Disturbing, Serious

High school loner Bird Fitcher has no idea what dark secrets are tied to the mysterious Polaroid vintage camera she stumbles upon, but it doesn't take long to discover that those who have their picture taken meet a tragic end. Bird and her friends must survive one more night as they race to solve the mystery of the haunted Polaroid before it kills them all.

It (2017)
Markimdb: 7.3
Genrehorror, thriller, drama
CountryUSA, Canada
CharactersTeens, Monsters, Killers, Clowns, Childrens
PlotAbduction, Death, Fear, Hunting, Missing people
PlaceSchool, Small cities
StyleUnexpected ending, Depressive, Heavy, Tense

In a small town in Maine, seven children known as The Losers Club come face to face with life problems, bullies and a monster that takes the shape of a clown called Pennywise.

Girl in the Basement (2021)
Markimdb: 6.3
Genrethriller, crime
CharactersFathers, Captives, Maniacs
PlotHostage, On real events
StyleTense, Disturbing, Fascinating, Gloomy

Sara is a teen girl who is looking forward to her 18th birthday to move away from her controlling father Don. But before she could even blow out the candles, Don imprisons her in the basement of their home.