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List of the best movies about trainers selected by visitors to our site: The Way Back, Super 30, Waves, Overcomer, Kickboxer: Retaliation, The Coach, Paterno, Creed II, All or Nothing: Manchester City, Amateur.

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The Way Back (2020)
Markimdb: 6.7
Genredrama, sport
CountryUSA, Canada

    A former basketball all-star, who has lost his wife and family foundation in a struggle with addiction attempts to regain his soul and salvation by becoming the coach of a disparate ethnically mixed high school basketball team at his alma mater.

    Super 30 (2019)
    Markimdb: 7.9
    Genredrama, biography
    CharactersHired assassins, Journalists, Students, Teachers, Geniuses, Trainers, Mathematicians, Poor
    PlotMotorcycles, Love, Hunger, Money, Happiness, On real events
    PlaceIndia, Trains, Party, Prison

      Based on life of Patna-based mathematician Anand Kumar who runs the famed Super 30 program for IIT aspirants in Patna.

      Waves (2019)
      Markimdb: 7.6
      Genremelodrama, drama, sport
      CountryUSA, Canada
      CharactersCats, Judge, Trainers
      PlotCancer, Death, Dancing, Love, Computers, Travel

        A controlling father’s attempts to ensure that his two children succeed in high school backfire after his son experiences a career-ending sports injury. Their familial bonds are eventually placed under severe strain by an unexpected tragedy.

        Overcomer (2019)
        Markimdb: 6.6
        Genredrama, family, sport
        CharactersStudents, Trainers

          After reluctantly agreeing to coach cross-country, high school basketball Coach John Harrison helps the least likely runner attempt the impossible in the biggest race of the year.

          Kickboxer: Retaliation (2018)
          Mark7.8 (imdb: 5)
          Genreaction, drama
          CharactersTrainers, Heroes
          PlotMartial Arts, Fights without rules, Revenge, Love
          StyleDisturbing, Action, Exciting, Depressive, For men

            One year after the events of "Kickboxer: Vengeance", Kurt Sloan has vowed never to return to Thailand. However, while gearing up for a MMA title shot, he finds himself sedated and forced back into Thailand, this time in prison. He is there because the ones responsible want him to face a 6'8" 400 lbs. beast named Mongkut and in return for the fight, Kurt will get two million dollars and his freedom back. Kurt at first refuses, in which a bounty is placed on his head as a way to force him to face Mongkut. Kurt soon learns he will have no other choice and will undergo his most rigorous training yet under some unexpected mentors in order to face Mongkut in hopes to regain his freedom.

            The Coach (2018)
            Mark9.8 (imdb: 6.3)
            Genredrama, sport
            PlotSports, Soccer
            PlaceRussia, Moscow
            StyleExciting, Fascinating, For men

              Contemporary Russia. After he flubs a penalty kick, a humiliated national soccer player quits the game. He flees to a small town, where he decides to coach their local team.

              Paterno (2018)
              Markimdb: 6.5
              Genrecrime, biography, sport
              CharactersCelebrities, Trainers, Journalists, Reporters
              PlotSports, Soccer, Investigation, On real events

                After becoming the winningest coach in college football history, Joe Paterno is embroiled in Penn State's Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal, challenging his legacy and forcing him to face questions of institutional failure regarding the victims.

                Creed II (2018)
                Mark10 (imdb: 7.1)
                Genredrama, sport
                CharactersTrainers, Tough guys, Warriors, Singers
                PlotBoxing, Sports, Snow
                PlaceUkraine, Hotels, Deserts, Moscow
                StyleInspirational, For men, Touching, Fascinating, Unexpected ending

                  Between personal obligations and training for his next big fight against an opponent with ties to his family's past, Adonis Creed is up against the challenge of his life.

                  All or Nothing: Manchester City (2018)
                  Mark10 (imdb: 8.2)
                  Genresport, reality TV
                  PlotSports, Soccer

                    Legendary coach Pep Guardiola leads his premiership football team through the 2017/18 season.

                    Amateur (2018)
                    Mark10 (imdb: 5.9)
                    Genredrama, sport
                    CharactersTeens, Trainers, Difficult teens
                    PlotBasketball, Sports
                    StyleNetflix, Inspirational, Fascinating

                      14-year-old basketball phenom Terron Forte has to navigate the under-the-table world of amateur athletics when he is recruited to an elite NCAA prep school.

                      Sink or Swim (2018)
                      Mark7 (imdb: 7)
                      Genrecomedy, drama, sport
                      CountryBelgium, France
                      CharactersFriends, Trainers, Musicians
                      StyleFor a group of friends, For men, Soulful, Light, Touching

                        40-year-old Bertrand has been suffering from depression for the last two years and is barely able to keep his head above water. Despite the medication he gulps down all day, every day, and his wife's encouragement, he is unable to find any meaning in his life. Curiously, he will end up finding this sense of purpose at the swimming pool, by joining an all-male synchronised swimming team.

                        The Miracle Season (2018)
                        Mark9.4 (imdb: 6.5)
                        Genredrama, sport
                        CharactersTeens, Trainers, Dogs, Sisters, Singers
                        PlotVolleyball, Sports, Dancing, Snow, Computers, Funeral, Happiness, On real events
                        StyleInspirational, For girls, Touching, Heavy, Fascinating, Makes me think

                          After the tragic death of star volleyball player Caroline "Line" Found, a team of dispirited high school girls must band together under the guidance of their tough-love coach in hopes of winning the state championship!

                          Roma (2018)
                          Mark8.6 (imdb: 7.7)
                          CountryMexico, USA
                          CharactersParents, Family, Maids, Dogs, Astronauts, Trainers
                          PlotRelationship, Everyday life, Martial Arts, Weapon, Death, Earthquake, Cars
                          PlaceMexico, Sea, Aircraft, Beach

                            In 1970s Mexico City, two domestic workers help a mother of four while her husband is away for an extended period of time.

                            The Tale (2018)
                            Mark8.6 (imdb: 7.3)
                            Genrethriller, drama, detective
                            CountryUSA, Germany
                            CharactersParents, Horses, Trainers
                            PlotInvestigation, On real events
                            StyleHeavy, Disturbing, Makes me think

                              An investigation into one woman’s memory as she‘s forced to re-examine her first sexual relationship and the stories we tell ourselves in order to survive.

                              Mario (2018)
                              Mark9.4 (imdb: 7.4)
                              Genremelodrama, drama, sport
                              CharactersGay, Teens, Trainers
                              PlotSports, Soccer, First love, Blackmail

                                Two young gay soccer players get caught up between the politics of the game and the politics of love.

                                Gold (2018)
                                Markimdb: 7.3
                                Genredrama, biography, history, sport
                                PlotHockey, On real events

                                  Set in 1948, the historic story of India's first Olympic medal post their independence.

                                  Three Seconds (2017)
                                  Mark8.8 (imdb: 6.6)
                                  Genredrama, sport
                                  PlotBasketball, Sports, Rivalry
                                  StyleInspirational, Atmospheric, Fascinating

                                    The story is set at the 1972 Munich Olympics where the U.S. team lost the basketball championship for the first time in 36 years. The final moments of the final game have become one of the most controversial events in Olympic history. With play tied, the score table horn sounded during a second free throw attempt that put the U.S. ahead by one. But the Soviets claimed they had called for a time out before the basket and confusion ensued. The clock was set back by three seconds twice in a row and the Russians finally prevailed at the very last. The U.S. protested, but a jury decided in the USSR’s favor and Team USA voted unanimously to refuse its silver medals. The Soviet players have been treated as heroes at home.

                                    Borg vs McEnroe (2017)
                                    Markimdb: 6.9
                                    Genredrama, biography, sport
                                    CountrySweden, Denmark, Finland
                                    PlotCompetitions, Confrontation, Rivalry, Tennis, On real events
                                    PlaceNight Clubs
                                    StyleAction, Exciting, Fascinating

                                      The story of the world's greatest tennis icons – Björn Borg and his biggest rival, the young and talented John McEnroe – and their legendary duel during the 1980 Wimbledon tournament.

                                      Kiss and Cry (2017)
                                      Mark9 (imdb: 6.7)
                                      Genremelodrama, drama, music, biography, sport
                                      CharactersSingers, Trainers
                                      PlotSports, Figure Skating, Cancer

                                        A romantic drama based on the story of Carley Allison, a promising 18 year old figure skater and singer who made medical history in her fight against a rare 1 in 3.5 billion type of sarcoma.

                                        Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! (2017)
                                        Markimdb: 6.3
                                        Genrefantasy, adventure, family, cartoon
                                        CharactersFriends, Trainers
                                        StyleExciting, Atmospheric, Fascinating

                                          This is the story of how Satoshi and Pikachu first met. At first, Pikachu was disobedient towards Satoshi, but Satoshi only wanted to be friends with Pikachu. On the day they set out from Masara Town, both of them saw a Ho-Oh flying and they made a vow to meet it.