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List of the best movies about orphans selected by visitors to our site: Ballerina, Oliver Twist, Pan, Sword of the Stranger, Instant Family, Woman at War, Jumpman, Kung Fu Panda, Nocturna, Wolfy: The Incredible Secret.

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Ballerina (2016)
Mark10 (imdb: 6.8)
Genrecomedy, musical, adventure, family, cartoon, music
CountryFrance, Canada
CharactersBallerinas, Orphans, Chickens, Poor
PlotRivalry, Dancing, Motorcycles
StyleInspirational, Touching, Light, Cute

Set in 1879 Paris. An orphan girl dreams of becoming a ballerina and flees her rural Brittany for Paris, where she passes for someone else and accedes to the position of pupil at the Grand Opera house.

Oliver Twist (2005)
Mark9.6 (imdb: 6.8)
Genredrama, crime
CountryUnited Kingdom, Czech Republic, France, Italy
CharactersOrphans, Thieves, Poor
PlaceEngland, London
StyleTouching, Tense, To cry

Oliver Twist the modern filmed version of Charles Dickens bestseller, a Roman Polanski adaptation. The classic Dickens tale, where an orphan meets a pickpocket on the streets of London. From there, he joins a household of boys who are trained to steal for their master.

Pan (2015)
Mark6.8 (imdb: 5.7)
Genrefantasy, adventure, family
CountryUSA, United Kingdom, Australia
CharactersOrphans, Pirates, Mermaids, Heroes, Indians
PlotAdventure, Rivalry, Martial Arts, Fate, Chase, Travel
PlaceParallel worlds, Islands, Space
StyleFor children, Fairy tales, Exciting, Steampunk

Living a bleak existence at a London orphanage, 12-year-old Peter finds himself whisked away to the fantastical world of Neverland. Adventure awaits as he meets new friend James Hook and the warrior Tiger Lily. They must band together to save Neverland from the ruthless pirate Blackbeard. Along the way, the rebellious and mischievous boy discovers his true destiny, becoming the hero forever known as Peter Pan.

Sword of the Stranger (2007)
Mark6 (imdb: 7.8)
Genreaction, adventure, cartoon
CharactersOrphans, Samurai, Emperors, Heroes, Dogs, Spy
PlotAdventure, Political
StyleExciting, Fascinating, Touching, Disturbing

Pursued by formidable Chinese assassins, young Kotaro and his dog run into No Name, a mysterious stranger who gets pulled into the chase. The unlikely companions form a bond over saving the dog from a poison attack, but chaos erupts when the assassins find Kotaro, and No Name must face his past before a horrible fate is met again.

Instant Family (2018)
Mark8.8 (imdb: 7.3)
Genrecomedy, drama
CharactersTeens, Parents, Family, Orphans
PlotParenting, Adoption
StyleKind, Soulful, Cute, Touching, Light

When Pete and Ellie decide to start a family, they stumble into the world of foster care adoption. They hope to take in one small child but when they meet three siblings, including a rebellious 15 year old girl, they find themselves speeding from zero to three kids overnight.

Woman at War (2018)
Markimdb: 7.4
Genrecomedy, drama
CountryIceland, France, Ukraine
CharactersStrong women, Orphans, Dogs, Twins, Sisters, Farmers, Tourists
PlaceNature, Prison, Ukraine, Helicopters
StyleFor girls

Halla declares a one-woman-war on the local aluminium industry. She is prepared to risk everything to protect the pristine Icelandic Highlands she loves… Until an orphan unexpectedly enters her life.

Jumpman (2018)
Mark5 (imdb: 6.1)
CountryRussia, Lithuania, Republic of Ireland, France
CharactersScammers, Family, Orphans, Superhero, Judge
PlotSuperpowers, Blackmail
PlaceCourt, Night Clubs
StyleDisturbing, Heavy

Young Oksana puts her newly born Denis in a baby box. Sixteen years later she steals him away from a children's home, intent on making amends for her maternal neglect, and to exploit him to earn money in a corrupt legal system.

Kung Fu Panda (2008)
Mark8.8 (imdb: 7.5)
Genreaction, comedy, adventure, family, cartoon
CharactersSnake, Pandas, Friends, Orphans, Warriors, Family, Tigers, Monkeys
PlotMartial Arts, Adventure, Competitions, Fate
PlaceChina, Asia
StyleFor children

When the Valley of Peace is threatened, lazy Po the panda discovers his destiny as the "chosen one" and trains to become a kung fu hero, but transforming the unsleek slacker into a brave warrior won't be easy. It's up to Master Shifu and the Furious Five -- Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey -- to give it a try.

Nocturna (2007)
Mark9.4 (imdb: 7.3)
Genrefantasy, adventure, family, cartoon, detective
CountrySpain, France
CharactersOrphans, Cats, Family, Heroes
PlotTime travel, Adventure, Dreams, Rivalry, Fear

In the aging orphanage the days pass very uneventfully, but the nights are something quite different; at least for Tim they are. The light reflected from the stars is the only cure for his fear of the dark. One night this fear leads him to the orphanage rooftop. Where he discovers that his favorite star has disappeared, and unfortunately it´s not going to be the last one. Tim also discovers...

Wolfy: The Incredible Secret (2013)
Markimdb: 6.3
Genrefamily, cartoon
CountryFrance, Belgium, Hungary
CharactersFriends, Orphans, Mothers, Family
PlotTime travel, Fight, Investigation, Chase, The escape, Loneliness

Loulou is a wolf. Tom is a rabbit. As curious as it may seem, Loulou and Tom have been inseparable since they were little. Now in their teens, they live the easy life in the Land of the Rabbits. But Loulou, who thought he was an orphan, learns that his bohemian mother is alive. The two friends set out to find her in the principality of Wolfenberg, the Land of the Wolves. They arrive in the middle of the Meat-eaters' Festival, a yearly get together for the world's great carnivores. Will Loulou and Tom's friendship survive in the land where herbivores always end up as the main course? What incredible secret lies behind Loulou's birth?

Virgin Territory (2007)
Mark7.4 (imdb: 4.8)
Genrecomedy, melodrama, adventure, history
CountryItaly, United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg
CharactersGardeners, Friends, Nuns, Orphans, Brides, Teens, Horses, Artists, Priests
PlotWedding, Love, The escape, Cheating, Viruses

The film is set in Tuscany during the Black Death. As in the Decameron, ten young Florentines take refuge from the plague. But instead of telling stories, they have lusty adventures, bawdy exchanges, romance and swordplay. There are randy nuns, Saracen pirates, and a sexy cow.

Roommates (1995)
Markimdb: 6.4
Genrecomedy, drama
CharactersDoctors, Family, Orphans, Old man, Friends
PlotLove, Parenting, Adoption, Funeral, Cancer, On real events
PlaceHospitals, USA, Country houses

An elderly, yet young-at-heart man, moves in with his grandson, and both their lives turn upside-down.

An Awfully Big Adventure (1995)
Markimdb: 6
Genrecomedy, drama
CountryUnited Kingdom
CharactersSingers, Actors, Orphans, Directors, Nephews
PlotLove, War, Funeral, Hatred
TimeWorld War II

Liverpool. 1947. Right after World War II, a star struck naive teenage girl joins a shabby theatre troupe in Liverpool. During a winter production of Peter Pan, the play quickly turns into a dark metaphor for youth as she becomes drawn into a web of sexual politics and intrigue and learns about the grown-up world of the theater

Breakfast with Scot (2007)
Markimdb: 6.8
Genrecomedy, melodrama, drama, music, sport
CharactersLawyers, Parents, Family, Orphans, Fathers, Nephews, Gay
PlotLove, Adoption, Parenting
TimeNew Year

The lives of Eric, an ex hockey player, and his partner Sam, are thrown into turmoil when they are forced to take in Scot, a flamboyant 11-year-old.

Grave of the Fireflies (1988)
Mark9.6 (imdb: 8.5)
Genredrama, cartoon, military
CharactersTeens, Orphans
PlotWar, Survival, Hunger
StyleTouching, To cry

In the final months of World War II, 14-year-old Seita and his sister Setsuko are orphaned when their mother is killed during an air raid in Kobe, Japan. After a falling out with their aunt, they move into an abandoned bomb shelter. With no surviving relatives and their emergency rations depleted, Seita and Setsuko struggle to survive.

In Country (1989)
Mark7 (imdb: 5.9)
Genremelodrama, drama, military
CharactersOrphans, Fathers, Nephews

Samantha Hughes, a teenaged Kentucky girl, never knew her father, who died in Vietnam before her birth. Samantha lives with her uncle Emmett, who also served in Vietnam. Emmett hangs around with Tom, Earl, and Pete, three other Vietnam vets who, like Emmett, all have problems of one kind or another that relate to their war experiences. Samantha becomes obsessed with finding out about her father.

The Seasoning House (2012)
Mark7.6 (imdb: 6.1)
Genrehorror, thriller
CountryUnited Kingdom
CharactersFamily, Orphans, Military, Mothers
PlotWar, Revenge
StyleHeavy, Atmospheric, Action, Depressive, Disturbing

The Seasoning House - where young girls are prostituted to the military. An orphaned deaf mute is enslaved to care for them. She moves between the walls and crawlspaces, planning her escape. Planning her ingenious and brutal revenge.

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
Mark8.2 (imdb: 8)
Genremelodrama, drama
CountryUnited Kingdom, USA
CharactersPoor, Teens, Police, Friends, Orphans
PlotLove, Money, Relationship, Fate, False accusations, Travel

Jamal Malik is an impoverished Indian teen who becomes a contestant on the Hindi version of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ but, after he wins, he is suspected of cheating.

Queens of Langkasuka (2008)
Mark4 (imdb: 5.7)
Genreaction, fantasy, adventure, history
CharactersKings, Orphans, Pirates, Heroes, Wizards
PlotBetrayal, Martial Arts, Adventure, Revenge, Supernatural, Rivalry
PlaceSea, Village, Asia
StyleExciting, Fascinating, For men

As sea pirates threaten to invade their kingdoms, three queens of Langkasuka must band together to defend their lands and peoples.

Munyurangabo (2007)
Mark8.6 (imdb: 6.7)
CountryRwanda, USA
CharactersFriends, Orphans

An orphan of the Rwandan genocide travels from Kigali to the countryside on a quest for justice.