Horror movies about maniacs

List of the best horror movies about maniacs selected by visitors to our site: Happy Death Day 2U, The Russian Bride, Ma, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Tone-Deaf, Halloween, Ghostland, Hellraiser: Judgment, Hell Fest, Blood Fest.

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Happy Death Day 2U (2019)
Mark8 (imdb: 6.2)
Genrehorror, fantastic, comedy, detective
CountryUSA, Japan
CharactersManiacs, Students, Killers, Friends, Serial killers, Nurses
PlotTime travel, Time machine, Weapon
PlaceCollege, Parallel worlds
StyleFascinating, Light, Disturbing

    Collegian Tree Gelbman wakes up in horror to learn that she's stuck in a parallel universe. Her boyfriend Carter is now with someone else, and her friends and fellow students seem to be completely different versions of themselves. When Tree discovers that Carter's roommate has been altering time, she finds herself once again the target of a masked killer. When the psychopath starts to go after her inner circle, Tree soon realizes that she must die over and over again to save everyone.

    The Russian Bride (2019)
    Mark6 (imdb: 5.3)
    Genrehorror, thriller
    CharactersManiacs, Rich, Mothers, Single mothers
    PlotMoney, Survival

      A Russian woman travels to America with her daughter to marry a reclusive billionaire, who turns out to be a psycho who sends their lives spiraling into a living hell.

      Ma (2019)
      Mark5.8 (imdb: 5.6)
      Genrehorror, thriller
      CharactersManiacs, Teens
      PlotSocial Media, Mental disorders
      StyleDisturbing, Tense

        Sue Ann is a loner who keeps to herself in her quiet Ohio town. One day, she is asked by Maggie, a new teenager in town, to buy some booze for her and her friends, and Sue Ann sees the chance to make some unsuspecting, if younger, friends of her own.

        Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)
        Mark7.8 (imdb: 6.2)
        Genrehorror, thriller
        CountryUSA, Canada
        CharactersManiacs, Teens, Friends, Zombie, Spiders, Monsters
        PlotDamn things, Supernatural, Investigation, Death, Ghosts, Fear
        PlaceSmall cities
        StyleDisturbing, For a group of friends, Depressive, Tense

          Mill Valley, Pennsylvania, Halloween night, 1968. After playing a joke on a school bully, Sarah and her friends decide to sneak into a supposedly haunted house that once belonged to the powerful Bellows family, unleashing dark forces that they will be unable to control.

          Tone-Deaf (2019)
          Markimdb: 4.8
          Genrehorror, thriller, comedy
          CharactersManiacs, Serial killers
          PlaceMansions, Country houses

            A woman leaves for a quiet weekend in the country after losing her job and imploding her latest dysfunctional relationship. She rents a country house from an old-fashioned widower who’s struggling to hide his psychopathic tendencies. Soon, two generations collide with terrifying results.

            Halloween (2018)
            Mark8.2 (imdb: 6.5)
            Genrehorror, thriller
            CharactersManiacs, Killers, Serial killers, Dogs, Students, Teachers
            PlotDeath, Survival, Dancing, Money
            PlaceSchool, Party, Prison, Psychiatric hospitals
            StyleCreepy, Heavy, Disturbing, Unexpected ending

              Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

              Ghostland (2018)
              Mark9 (imdb: 6.4)
              Genrehorror, thriller, drama, detective
              CountryFrance, Canada
              CharactersWriters, Maniacs, Captives, Sisters, Serial killers
              PlotGhosts, Supernatural, Fear, Survival
              StyleCreepy, Tense, Disturbing, Action, Heavy, Exciting

                A mother of two inherits a home from her aunt. On the first night in the new home she is confronted with murderous intruders and fights for her daughters' lives. Sixteen years later the daughters reunite at the house, and that is when things get strange...

                Hellraiser: Judgment (2018)
                Mark6.6 (imdb: 4.3)
                CharactersBrothers, Detectives, Maniacs, Demons, Serial killers
                PlotInvestigation, Death
                StyleCreepy, Heavy, Tense, Disturbing

                  Detectives Sean and David Carter are on the case to find a gruesome serial killer terrorizing the city. Joining forces with Detective Christine Egerton, they dig deeper into a spiraling maze of horror that may not be of this world.

                  Hell Fest (2018)
                  Mark8.8 (imdb: 5.5)
                  CharactersManiacs, Serial killers
                  StyleHeavy, Depressive, Tense, Disturbing

                    On Halloween night at a horror theme park, a costumed killer begins slaying innocent patrons who believe that it's all part of the festivities.

                    Blood Fest (2018)
                    Mark7 (imdb: 5.4)
                    Genrehorror, comedy
                    CharactersKillers, Maniacs, Teens
                    StyleCreepy, Unexpected ending, Disturbing, Action

                      Fans flock to a festival celebrating the most iconic horror movies, only to discover that the charismatic showman behind the event has a diabolical agenda. As attendees start dying off, three teenagers with more horror-film wits than real-world knowledge must band together and battle through every madman, monstrosity, and terrifying scenario if they have any hope of surviving.

                      He's Out There (2018)
                      Mark6.2 (imdb: 5.2)
                      Genrehorror, thriller
                      CharactersManiacs, Family, Killers, Sisters
                      PlotSurvival, Fear
                      PlaceIslands, Lake
                      StyleTense, Disturbing

                        On vacation at a remote lake house, a mother and her two young daughters must fight for survival after falling into a terrifying and bizarre nightmare conceived by a psychopath.

                        Cut Off (2018)
                        Mark9 (imdb: 6.6)
                        Genrehorror, action, thriller, crime, detective
                        CharactersManiacs, Serial killers
                        PlotMystery, Investigation, Death, Tornadoes

                          Thriller set in the world of Forensic Pathology. Coroner Paul Herzfeld finds a capsule in the head of a heavily mutilated corpse, containing a phone number and single word: the name of his daughter.

                          You Might Be the Killer (2018)
                          Mark6 (imdb: 5.9)
                          Genrehorror, comedy, detective
                          CharactersManiacs, Killers
                          PlaceSummer camp

                            Counselors are being killed off at summer camp, and Sam (Fran Kranz) is stuck in the middle of it. Instead of contacting the cops, he calls his friend and slasher-film expert (Alyson Hannigan) to discuss his options.

                            Piercing (2018)
                            Markimdb: 5.6
                            Genrehorror, thriller, detective
                            CharactersKillers, Maniacs
                            PlotMental disorders
                            StyleNot for everyone, Tense

                              In this twisted love story, a man seeks out an unsuspecting stranger to help him purge the dark torments of his past. His plan goes awry when he encounters a woman with plans of her own.

                              The Soul Conductor (2018)
                              Mark7 (imdb: 4.2)
                              Genrehorror, thriller
                              CharactersSisters, Serial killers, Maniacs
                              PlotSuperpowers, Ghosts, Investigation
                              PlaceRussia, Moscow

                                Katya has a powerful gift: she sees ghosts. When her twin sister disappears, Katya begins a desperate search. Police insist her sister doesn’t exist, that she is a figment of Katya’s twisted imagination. However, during her search Katya discovers that there is a serial killer loose on the streets, and her sister is one of his victims. There is still hope to save her, but in a dark and mysterious city full of secrets, you can’t trust anyone. Not even yourself...

                                Unsane (2018)
                                Mark7.8 (imdb: 6.4)
                                Genrehorror, thriller, detective
                                CharactersManiacs, Dogs
                                PlotMental disorders, Fear, Obsession, Jealousy, Depression, Pursuit, Loneliness
                                PlacePsychiatric hospitals
                                StyleDisturbing, Tense, Unexpected ending

                                  A woman is involuntarily committed to a mental institution where she is confronted by her greatest fear.

                                  The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018)
                                  Mark7.6 (imdb: 5.2)
                                  CountryUnited Kingdom, USA
                                  CharactersPsychopath, Family, Serial killers, Maniacs
                                  PlotSurvival, Death, Travel, Fear
                                  StyleAction, Tense, Unexpected ending

                                    A family’s road trip takes a dangerous turn when they arrive at a secluded mobile home park to stay with some relatives and find it mysteriously deserted. Under the cover of darkness, three masked psychopaths pay them a visit to test the family’s every limit as they struggle to survive.

                                    Never Hike Alone (2017)
                                    Mark5 (imdb: 6.9)
                                    Genrehorror, thriller

                                      A hiker's survival skills is put to the test when he stumbles upon the remains of an old abandoned camp and discovers its long dark secrets.

                                      Creep 2 (2017)
                                      Mark9 (imdb: 6.5)
                                      Genrehorror, thriller
                                      CharactersManiacs, Killers
                                      PlotAdventure, Fear
                                      PlaceForest, Nature

                                        After finding an ad online for “video work,” Sara, a video artist whose primary focus is creating intimacy with lonely men, thinks she may have found the subject of her dreams. She drives to a remote house in the forest and meets a man claiming to be a serial killer. Unable to resist the chance to create a truly shocking piece of art, she agrees to spend the day with him. However, as the day goes on, she discovers she may have dug herself into a hole from which she can’t escape.

                                        Cold Hell (2017)
                                        Markimdb: 6.5
                                        Genrehorror, action, thriller
                                        CountryGermany, Austria
                                        CharactersManiacs, Killers, Police, Neighbors, Serial killers
                                        PlotDepression, Revenge, Investigation, Martial Arts

                                          Özge Dogruol, a young Vienna based taxi driver of Turkish origin. She witnesses an extremely brutal murder. The offender seems to be a crazed serial killer and he is convinced that Özge has seen him. A life-and-death struggle ensues.