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List of the best DC Comics (Disi Comics) movies selected by visitors to our site: Suicide Squad, Constantine, Batman: Soul of the Dragon, Zack Snyder's Justice League, Wonder Woman, Watchmen, RED, The Dark Knight, Aquaman, Green Lantern.

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Markimdb: 5.9
Genrefantastic, action, fantasy, adventure

    From DC Comics comes the Suicide Squad, an antihero team of incarcerated supervillains who act as deniable assets for the United States government, undertaking high-risk black ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences.

    Markimdb: 7
    Genrehorror, action, thriller, fantasy, detective
    CountryUSA, Germany

    John Constantine has literally been to Hell and back. When he teams up with a policewoman to solve the mysterious suicide of her twin sister, their investigation takes them through the world of demons and angels that exists beneath the landscape of contemporary Los Angeles.

    Markimdb: 6
    Genreaction, adventure, cartoon, crime

    Bruce Wayne faces a deadly menace from his past, with the help of three former classmates: world-renowned martial artists Richard Dragon, Ben Turner and Lady Shiva.

    Markimdb: 8
    Genrefantastic, action, fantasy, adventure

    Determined to ensure Superman's ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne aligns forces with Diana Prince with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the world from an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions.

    Markimdb: 7.4
    Genrefantastic, action, fantasy, adventure, military
    CountryUSA, United Kingdom, Spain

      An Amazon princess comes to the world of Man in the grips of the First World War to confront the forces of evil and bring an end to human conflict.

      Markimdb: 7.6
      Genrefantastic, action, drama, detective

        In a gritty and alternate 1985 the glory days of costumed vigilantes have been brought to a close by a government crackdown, but after one of the masked veterans is brutally murdered, an investigation into the killer is initiated. The reunited heroes set out to prevent their own destruction, but in doing so uncover a sinister plot that puts all of humanity in grave danger.

        Markimdb: 7
        Genreaction, thriller, comedy, crime
        CountryUSA, France, Canada, China

        When his peaceful life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent, Frank Moses reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive and uncover his assailants.

        Markimdb: 9
        Genrefantastic, fantastic, action, action, thriller, drama, drama, adventure, crime
        CountryUSA, United Kingdom

          Batman raises the stakes in his war on crime. With the help of Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining criminal organizations that plague the streets. The partnership proves to be effective, but they soon find themselves prey to a reign of chaos unleashed by a rising criminal mastermind known to the terrified citizens of Gotham as the Joker.

          Markimdb: 6.9
          Genrefantastic, action, fantasy, adventure
          CountryUSA, Australia

          Once home to the most advanced civilization on Earth, Atlantis is now an underwater kingdom ruled by the power-hungry King Orm. With a vast army at his disposal, Orm plans to conquer the remaining oceanic people and then the surface world. Standing in his way is Arthur Curry, Orm's half-human, half-Atlantean brother and true heir to the throne.

          Markimdb: 5.5
          Genrefantastic, action, adventure

            For centuries, a small but powerful force of warriors called the Green Lantern Corps has sworn to keep intergalactic order. Each Green Lantern wears a ring that grants him superpowers. But when a new enemy called Parallax threatens to destroy the balance of power in the Universe, their fate and the fate of Earth lie in the hands of the first human ever recruited.

            Markimdb: 7
            Genreaction, thriller, fantasy, comedy, adventure, crime
            CountryUSA, Canada

            A boy is given the ability to become an adult superhero in times of need with a single magic word.

            Markimdb: 8.4
            Genrethriller, drama, crime
            CountryUSA, Canada

            During the 1980s, a failed stand-up comedian is driven insane and turns to a life of crime and chaos in Gotham City while becoming an infamous psychopathic crime figure.

            Markimdb: 6
            Genrefantastic, action, drama, adventure
            CountryUSA, United Kingdom, Canada, Luxembourg, Australia

              Superman returns to discover his 5-year absence has allowed Lex Luthor to walk free, and that those he was closest to felt abandoned and have moved on. Luthor plots his ultimate revenge that could see millions killed and change the face of the planet forever, as well as ridding himself of the Man of Steel.

              Markimdb: 7.5
              Genrefantastic, action, thriller, crime
              CountryUSA, United Kingdom

              The Dark Knight of Gotham City begins his war on crime with his first major enemy being the clownishly homicidal Joker, who has seized control of Gotham's underworld.

              Markimdb: 6.7
              Genrefantastic, action, adventure, family, cartoon

              In the wake of The Death of Superman, the world is still mourning the loss of the Man of Steel following his fatal battle with the monster Doomsday. However, no sooner as his body been laid to rest than do four new bearers of the Superman shield come forward to take on the mantle. The Last Son of Krypton, Superboy, Steel, and the Cyborg Superman all attempt to fill the vacuum left by the world's greatest champion. Meanwhile, Superman's death has also signaled to the universe that Earth is vulnerable. Can these new Supermen and the rest of the heroes prove them wrong?

              Markimdb: 5.6
              Genrefantastic, action, fantasy, cartoon, anime
              CountryJapan, USA

              Gorilla Grodd's time displacement machine transports many of Batman's worst enemies to feudal Japan —along with the Dark Knight and a few of his allies. The villains take over the forms of the feudal lords that rule the divided land, with the Joker taking the lead among the warring factions. As his traditional high-tech weaponry is exhausted almost immediately, Batman must rely on his intellect and his allies —including Catwoman and the extended Bat-family— to restore order to the land, and return to present-day Gotham City.

              Markimdb: 7.8
              Genrehorror, fantastic, action, fantasy, adventure, family, cartoon

              Earth is decimated after intergalactic tyrant Darkseid has devastated the Justice League in a poorly executed war by the DC Super Heroes. Now the remaining bastions of good – the Justice League, Teen Titans, Suicide Squad and assorted others – must regroup, strategize and take the war to Darkseid in order to save the planet and its surviving inhabitants.

              Markimdb: 6.4
              Genrefantastic, action, fantasy, adventure, cartoon

              When the Flash finds himself dropped into the middle of World War II, he joins forces with Wonder Woman and her top-secret team known as the Justice Society of America.

              Markimdb: 6
              Genreaction, comedy, crime

              After her breakup with the Joker, Harley Quinn joins forces with singer Black Canary, assassin Huntress, and police detective Renee Montoya to help a young girl named Cassandra, who had a hit placed on her after she stole a rare diamond from crime lord Roman Sionis.

              Markimdb: 6.4
              Genrefantastic, action, cartoon

              Set in the thick of the Cold War, Red Son introduces us to a Superman who landed in the USSR during the 1950s and grows up to become a Soviet symbol that fights for the preservation of Stalin’s brand of communism.

              Markimdb: 6.7
              Genrefantastic, action, fantasy, comedy, musical, adventure, family, cartoon

              All the major DC superheroes are starring in their own films, all but the Teen Titans, so Robin is determined to remedy this situation by getting over his role as a sidekick and becoming a movie star. Thus, with a few madcap ideas and an inspirational song in their hearts, the Teen Titans head to Hollywood to fulfill their dreams.

              Markimdb: 6.3
              Genrefantastic, action, adventure, family, cartoon
              CountryUSA, United Kingdom, Denmark

              In LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash, Reverse-Flash manipulates the Speed Force to put the Flash into a time loop that forces him to relive the same day over and over again—with progressively disastrous results, including losing his powers and being fired by the Justice League. The Flash must find a way to restore time to its original path and finally apprehend his worst enemy before all is lost for the Flash…and the world!

              Markimdb: 7.2
              Genrefantastic, action, fantasy, comedy
              CountryUSA, Canada, United Kingdom

              Supervillains Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Peacemaker and a collection of nutty cons at Belle Reve prison join the super-secret, super-shady Task Force X as they are dropped off at the remote, enemy-infused island of Corto Maltese.

              Markimdb: 3.4
              Genreaction, fantasy, crime

                Liquidated after discovering a corporate conspiracy, mild-mannered graphic artist Patience Phillips washes up on an island, where she's resurrected and endowed with the prowess of a cat -- and she's eager to use her new skills ... as a vigilante. Before you can say "cat and mouse," handsome gumshoe Tom Lone is on her tail.

                Genrefantastic, action, adventure, family, cartoon

                The continuing story of Miles Morales and the many other Spider-People from different realities.