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Movies similar to The Heavy (2010): Origin, Marvel's Luke Cage, Face, Poldark, Skin Trade, Ash vs Evil Dead, Montana, The Magicians, The Guvnors, Green Street Hooligans: Underground.

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Origin (2018)
Mark7.4 (imdb: 7.1)
Genrehorror, fantastic
CountryUnited Kingdom
PlotSurvival, Survival
PlaceSpace, Space, Spaceships
TimeFuture, Future
StyleDisturbing, Tense, For men

    A group of troubled passengers wake up on a damaged spaceship abandoned in deep space, each having left behind a dark past in search of a fresh start on a newly colonized planet. As their terrifying situation spirals into paranoia, they come to realize that the greatest threat to their dream of starting over – and indeed their lives – is something far darker than the pasts they were so desperate to escape.

    Marvel's Luke Cage (2016)
    Mark4.6 (imdb: 7.3)
    Genrefantastic, action, thriller, drama, crime
    PlotSuperpowers, Death
    StyleNetflix, Spectacular

      Given superstrength and durability by a sabotaged experiment, a wrongly accused man escapes prison to become a superhero for hire.

      Face (1997)
      Markimdb: 6.7
      Genrethriller, drama, crime
      CountryUnited Kingdom
      CharactersGangsters, Criminals
      PlotRevenge, Rivalry, Political, Robbery, Bank robbery, Pads
      PlaceEngland, London
      StyleExciting, Heavy, Depressive, Disturbing, For men

        Ray is an aging ex-socialist who has become a bankrobber after seeing the demise of socialism in 1980s Britain. Teaming up with a gang of other has-beenish crims, he commits one bank job too many. The gang dissolves in a murderous flurry of recriminations.

        Poldark (2015)
        Mark7.2 (imdb: 8.3)
        Genremelodrama, drama, history
        CountryUnited Kingdom
        PlotRelationship, Love triangle

          Britain is in the grip of a chilling recession... falling wages, rising prices, civil unrest - only the bankers are smiling. It's 1783 and Ross Poldark returns from the American War of Independence to his beloved Cornwall to find his world in ruins: his father dead, the family mine long since closed, his house wrecked and his sweetheart pledged to marry his cousin. But Ross finds that hope and love can be found when you are least expecting it in the wild but beautiful Cornish landscape.

          Skin Trade (2014)
          Mark8 (imdb: 5.6)
          Genreaction, thriller, crime
          CountryThailand, Canada, USA
          CharactersGangsters, Heroes, Partners, FBI
          PlotSlavery, Martial Arts, Revenge, Rivalry, Investigation
          StyleHeavy, Exciting, Tense, Disturbing, For men

            After his family is killed by a Serbian gangster with international interests. NYC detective Nick goes to S.E. Asia and teams up with a Thai detective to get revenge and destroy the syndicates human trafficking network.

            Ash vs Evil Dead (2015)
            Markimdb: 8.4
            Genrehorror, action, fantasy, comedy
            CharactersHeroes, Zombie, Demons, Zombie, Demons
            PlotSupernatural, Survival, Viruses, Supernatural, Survival, Viruses
            StyleHeavy, Disturbing, For men

              Bruce Campbell reprises his role as Ash Williams, an aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who’s spent the last three decades avoiding maturity, and the terrors of the Evil Dead. But when a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind, he’s forced to face his demons — both metaphorical and literal.

              Montana (2014)
              Markimdb: 5.4
              Genreaction, thriller, drama, crime
              CountryUnited Kingdom
              CharactersHired assassins, Gangsters
              PlotRevenge, Rivalry
              PlaceEngland, London
              StyleExciting, Disturbing, For men

                In the mean streets of London's East End, a former Serbian commando and a fourteen-year old boy plot revenge against a powerful crime lord and his ruthless lieutenants. As our heroes prepare to take on their enemies, the boy is mentored in the dark arts of assassination and learns the true meaning of friendship, honor and respect.

                The Magicians (2015)
                Mark6.8 (imdb: 7.6)
                Genrefantasy, adventure
                CharactersWizards, Gays, Friends, Gods, Kings, Students, Teachers
                PlotMagic, Adventures, Superpowers, Depression, Life after death, Time travel
                PlaceParallel worlds, School, College
                StyleSpectacular, Fascinating

                  Brakebills University is a secret institution specializing in magic. There, amidst an unorthodox education of spellcasting, a group of twenty-something friends soon discover that a magical fantasy world they read about as children is all too real— and poses grave danger to humanity.

                  The Guvnors (2014)
                  Markimdb: 5.8
                  CountryUnited Kingdom
                  PlotRevenge, Rivalry
                  PlaceEngland, London
                  StyleAction, Heavy

                    The Guvnors is a violent thriller set amongst the clans and firms of South East London, bringing two generations together in brutal conflict.

                    Green Street Hooligans: Underground (2013)
                    Mark8.6 (imdb: 5.2)
                    Genreaction, drama
                    CountryUnited Kingdom
                    PlotMartial Arts, Revenge, Rivalry, Death, Funeral
                    PlaceEngland, London
                    StyleExciting, Heavy, For men, Disturbing

                      An old firm leader returns to Green Street for Revanche after receiving a call that his little brother was killed, but is he able to cope with a new type of hooliganism and can he find his killer?

                      How to Get Away with Murder (2014)
                      Mark7.6 (imdb: 8.1)
                      Genrethriller, drama, crime, detective
                      CharactersLawyers, Students

                        A sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller about a group of ambitious law students and their brilliant, mysterious criminal defense professor. They become entangled in a murder plot and will shake the entire university and change the course of their lives.

                        Sket (2011)
                        Mark9 (imdb: 4.7)
                        CountryUnited Kingdom
                        PlotRevenge, Rivalry
                        PlaceEngland, London
                        StyleHeavy, Depressive, Disturbing

                          When a young woman is cruelly and indiscriminately attacked by a notorious gang led by the violent Trey, her little 16 year old sister Kayla wants revenge and will stop at nothing to get it, even if it means joining a rival girl gang led by the volatile and damaged man-hating Danielle.

                          White House Farm (2020)
                          Markimdb: 7.3
                          CharactersDetectives, Friends
                          StyleBased on real events, Fascinating, By books

                            Factual drama based on the notorious White House Farm murders, and the ensuing police investigation and court case.

                            Bonded by Blood (2010)
                            Markimdb: 5.5
                            Genrethriller, drama, crime
                            CountryUnited Kingdom
                            CharactersGangsters, Partners
                            PlotRevenge, Rivalry, On real events
                            StyleAction, Heavy, Disturbing, For men

                              In 1995, drug suppliers and career criminals Tony Tucker, Patrick Tate and Craig Rolfe were blasted to death by a shot gun whilst waiting in a Range Rover in Rettendon, Essex. The film charts their rise to become the most prolific dealers and feared criminals in the south of England, maintaining the hold on their empire with fear and violence until their untimely death.

                              The Big I Am (2010)
                              Markimdb: 5.3
                              Genrethriller, drama, crime
                              CountryUnited Kingdom
                              PlaceEngland, London
                              StyleAction, Heavy, For men, Disturbing

                                A cruel twist of fate catapults small time crook Mickey Skinner into the big league, as head of a brutal London gang poised on the brink of a lucrative human-trafficking deal.

                                Monsterwolf (2010)
                                Mark5 (imdb: 3.6)
                                Genrehorror, fantasy
                                CharactersWolves, Heroes, Indians, Bodyguards, Hunters, Monsters
                                PlotRevenge, Rivalry, Ghosts
                                PlaceEngland, London
                                StyleExciting, Heavy, Disturbing, Atmospheric

                                  A creature of ancient legend manifests, bound to protect the ecological balance of the land and killing anyone that threatens it. This elusive guardian is initially both feared and celebrated by the locals, but when a deadly curse affects them all, they must unite and recapture the monster wolf’s spirit or face their ultimate doom.

                                  Medici: Masters of Florence (2016)
                                  Mark9 (imdb: 7.9)
                                  Genrethriller, melodrama, drama, detective, biography, history
                                  CountryUnited Kingdom, Italy, France
                                  PlotPolitics, Mystery, Political, Jealousy, Viruses, Mystery, Viruses
                                  StyleAtmospheric, Exciting, Tense, Atmospheric, Spectacular

                                    The story of the Medici family of Florence, their ascent from simple merchants to power brokers sparking an economic and cultural revolution. Along the way, they also accrue a long list of powerful enemies.

                                    iZombie (2015)
                                    Mark8.2 (imdb: 7.8)
                                    Genrehorror, comedy, drama, crime
                                    CharactersZombie, Zombie
                                    PlotSupernatural, Supernatural, Superpowers
                                    StyleDisturbing, Smart

                                      A medical student who becomes a zombie joins a Coroner's Office in order to gain access to the brains she must reluctantly eat so that she can maintain her humanity. But every brain she eats, she also inherits their memories and must now solve their deaths with help from the Medical examiner and a police detective.

                                      Comme les 5 doigts de la main (2010)
                                      Mark2 (imdb: 5.2)
                                      Genreaction, thriller, drama
                                      PlotRevenge, Rivalry
                                      StyleExciting, Action, Heavy, For men, Tense, Disturbing

                                        Five brothers similar yet different, raised by a mother widowed too early. One of them had left the family when he returns, pursued by a gang of smugglers, he find shelter in his family while reveling them a dark secret. The five brothers, together, will find the energy to defend themself and the means to avenge the memory of their murdered father...

                                        Le Mac (2010)
                                        Markimdb: 3
                                        Genrethriller, crime
                                        CountryUnited Kingdom
                                        CharactersHeroes, Spy, Twins, Gangsters
                                        PlaceEngland, France, London
                                        StyleHeavy, Exciting, Disturbing, For men

                                          A mild-mannered banker is forced to masquerade as a notorious gangster and pimp.