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Movies similar to Daybreak (2019): seaQuest DSV, Sune in Greece: All Inclusive, The End, Sniper: Reloaded, Megan Is Missing, Love and Distrust, Will Get Married Urgently, Tactical Force, Born to Raise Hell, A Yakuza's Daughter Never Cries.

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seaQuest DSV (1993)
Markimdb: 6.7
Genrefantastic, action, adventure, family
CharactersHeroes, Robots
PlotTravel, Adventure, Rivalry, Survival
PlaceSubmarines, Sea
StyleExciting, For men

In the early 21st century, mankind has colonized the oceans. The United Earth Oceans Organization enlists Captain Nathan Bridger and the submarine seaQuest DSV to keep the peace and explore the last frontier on Earth.

Sune in Greece: All Inclusive (2012)
Mark10 (imdb: 4.1)
Genrecomedy, family
CharactersFamily, Tourists, Childrens
PlaceGreece, Hotels, Beach, Aircraft

Sune is back! Together with his little brother Håkan Bråkan, big sister Anna, mother Karin and dad Rudolf, Sune embarks on a summer holiday trip to Greece. As every summer before, the family plans to spend their vacation in Myggträsk. Then the most unexpected happens, Rudolf books a charter trip to Greece. The family is overjoyed but the questions about the trip are many. Once in Greece the catastrophes pile up. Sune looses his girl charming powers, Håkan Bråkan really does'nt like Julle in the kids group, Karin becomes more and more annoyed with Rudolf. Meantime, Rudolf discovers that the trip is all inclusive and the possibilities that comes with that.

The End (2012)
Mark10 (imdb: 4.9)
Genrefantastic, thriller, drama
PlotApocalypse, Survival
StyleAction, Disturbing

A group of old friends gets together for a weekend in a mountain cabin. Years have gone by and yet nothing seems to have changed between them. But lurking behind the laughter and stories is a murky episode from the past that continues to haunt them. A strange, sudden incident alters their plans, leaving them stranded and with no line of communication to the outside world. On their way for help, the group starts to disintegrate, just as a new natural order is unveiled before their astonished eyes.

Sniper: Reloaded (2011)
Markimdb: 5.4
Genreaction, thriller, drama, military
CountryGermany, South Africa
CharactersMilitary, Soldier, Heroes, Snipers, Terrorists, Special Forces
PlotRevenge, Rivalry, Pursuit
StyleHeavy, For men, Disturbing, Unexpected ending

Brandon Beckett (Collins), the son of the previous Sniper film's star Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger), takes up the mantle set by his father and goes on a mission of his own.

Megan Is Missing (2011)
Markimdb: 4.6
Genrehorror, thriller, drama
CharactersTeens, Friends, Maniacs
PlotMissing people, Internet, On real events
StyleAction, Disturbing

Fictional drama based on actual events, about two teenage girls who encounter an Internet predator.

Love and Distrust (2010)
Markimdb: 3.6
Genremelodrama, drama

This collection of five short films artfully portrays desire's ability to both empower and destroy those who encounter it.

Will Get Married Urgently (2015)
Markimdb: 4.2
Genrecomedy, melodrama
StyleLight, Cute

Jenia is a workaholic - glossy magazine editor. Stas is celebrity photographer. She is ambitious, and he on the contrary always relaxed. Jenia's ig dream is to become editor in chief, but for that to happen she needs to find a husband immediately! The condition given by the shareholders of the magazine is strict: since magazine is family-oriented - it needs a family person as a boss. To solve this problem Jenia has only a week. Stas decides to help the girl, having connections of lot of bachelors who could well fit to be the future husband. But Jenia suddenly realizes that she is not that ambitious, and Stas was surprised to discover he is in love.

Tactical Force (2011)
Mark4 (imdb: 4.8)
Genreaction, thriller, comedy, crime
CharactersHeroes, Tough guys, Warriors, Hired assassins, Snipers, FBI
PlotRivalry, Death, Martial Arts, Survival
PlaceLos Angeles
StyleExciting, Heavy, For men, Disturbing

A training exercise for the LAPD SWAT Team goes terribly wrong when they find themselves pitted against two rival gangs while trapped in an abandoned Hangar, armed with nothing but blanks.

Born to Raise Hell (2010)
Mark7 (imdb: 4.4)
Genreaction, crime
CharactersGangsters, Special agents, Tough guys, Heroes
PlotMartial Arts, Revenge, Rivalry
StyleHeavy, For men

A hard core Interpol Agent is assigned to an Eastern European task force to target gun trafficking and dope running throughout the Balkans. While investigating a Russian gun dealer, his team is caught in a bloody street war between a Gypsy gang and the Russians, leaving one task force member dead. Fueled with vengeance, he leads us on an action packed thrill ride while avenging his friend's death.

A Yakuza's Daughter Never Cries (2010)
Markimdb: 4.9
PlaceRussia, Germany

Yuriko, a daughter of Yakudza boss is lost in Russia. Here she finds Alexey - a young man who is trying to help her.

The To Do List (2013)
Mark7 (imdb: 5.8)

Feeling pressured to become more sexually experienced before she goes to college, Brandy Klark makes a list of things to accomplish before hitting campus in the fall.

Sexual Chronicles of a French Family (2012)
Markimdb: 5.3
Genrecomedy, melodrama

Three generations of a French family open up about their sexual experiences and desires after young Romain is caught masturbating in his biology class.

The Transporter Refueled (2015)
Mark5.6 (imdb: 5.2)
Genreaction, thriller, adventure, crime
CountryFrance, China, Belgium
CharactersFathers, Heroes, Hackers
PlotChase, Rivalry, Martial Arts, Dancing, Motorcycles, Bank robbery, Skirmishes, Cars
StyleExciting, For men, Disturbing, Unexpected ending

The fast-paced action movie is again set in the criminal underworld in France, where Frank Martin is known as The Transporter, because he is the best driver and mercenary money can buy. In this installment, he meets Anna and they attempt to take down a group of ruthless Russian human traffickers who also have kidnapped Frank’s father.

Blood Out (2011)
Markimdb: 4.5
CharactersHired assassins, Gangsters, Girlfriends, Gladiators
PlotRevenge, Rivalry, Martial Arts, Undercover
StyleHeavy, Disturbing, Exciting, For men

When big city detectives refuse to further investigate his kid brother's gang related murder, small town Sheriff Michael Spencer drops the badge and goes undercover to find his brother's killer and avenge his death.

Howl (2015)
Mark5.2 (imdb: 5.4)
Genrehorror, fantasy, comedy
CountryUnited Kingdom
CharactersMonsters, Werewolf
PlaceEngland, Trains

When passengers on a train are attacked by a creature, they must band together in order to survive until morning.

SAGA: Curse of the Shadow (2013)
Mark7.8 (imdb: 4.9)
Genreaction, fantasy, adventure
CharactersElves, Heroes, Knights, Mermaids
PlotAdventure, Rivalry
StyleExciting, Disturbing

A secret cabal, The Shadow, works to bring about the return of Goth Azul - the Undead God - in the rich world of SAGA, populated by elves, orcs, dwarves and dragons. A ruthless elven bounty huntress (Nemyt) shoots down the dragon ridden by the fugitive orc shaman, Fangtor Bloodmoon. When Fangtor refuses to surrender quietly, the huntress must battle for her own life against the dangerous villain, and comes away with more than just his head.

Dead Rising: Watchtower (2015)
Mark7.4 (imdb: 5.2)
Genrehorror, fantastic, action
PlotViruses, Survival

Based on the game, Dead Rising takes place during a large-scale zombie outbreak. When a mandatory government vaccine fails to stop the infection from spreading, the four leads must evade infection while also pursuing the root of the epidemic, with all signs pointing to a government conspiracy.

GirlHouse (2014)
Mark8 (imdb: 5.5)
Genrehorror, thriller
StyleDisturbing, For men

In an attempt to make some extra cash while away at College, Kylie moves into a house that streams content to an X-rated website. After a deranged fan hacks in to determine the house's location, she finds herself in a terrifying fight for her life.

Lola Versus (2012)
Markimdb: 5.5
Genrecomedy, melodrama
PlaceParty, New York
StyleTo cry, Touching

Just three weeks before her wedding, Lola (Greta Gerwig) finds herself suddenly without a partner when her longtime fiance, Luke (Joel Kinnaman), dumps her. With her 30th birthday looming and being forced to re-enter the New York City dating scene, she feels adrift in a cold world. She leans on her friends (Zoe Lister-Jones, Hamish Linklater) for support but, after a series of romantic humiliations, professional blunders and boozy antics, Lola realizes that she alone is in charge of her fate.

A Haunting at Silver Falls (2013)
Markimdb: 4.8
Genrehorror, thriller

A small town is haunted by the twin daughters of a wrongfully convicted man. Young Jordan is sent down the path to who the real killer is only to find the killer is very close to her.