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Movies about vampires, their hunters, love stories and other stories: Twilight, Vampires vs. the Bronx, Doctor Sleep, Bliss, Blood Vessel, Living Among Us, Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Apostle, Corbin Nash, Family Blood.

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Twilight (2008)
Mark9.2 (imdb: 5.2)
Genrefantasy, melodrama, drama
CharactersWerewolf, Vampire, Teens
PlotLove, Supernatural
PlaceSmall cities
StyleTouching, To cry

    When Bella Swan moves to a small town in the Pacific Northwest to live with her father, she starts school and meets the reclusive Edward Cullen, a mysterious classmate who reveals himself to be a 108-year-old vampire. Despite Edward's repeated cautions, Bella can't help but fall in love with him, a fatal move that endangers her own life when a coven of bloodsuckers try to challenge the Cullen clan.

    Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020)
    Markimdb: 5.6
    Genrehorror, comedy
    CharactersTeens, Vampire, Friends, Gangsters
    PlotSupernatural, Pursuit, Fight
    PlaceNew York

      Three gutsy kids from a rapidly gentrifying Bronx neighborhood stumble upon a sinister plot to suck all the life from their beloved community.

      Doctor Sleep (2019)
      Markimdb: 7.3
      Genrehorror, thriller, fantasy, drama, detective
      CountryUSA, United Kingdom
      CharactersHunters, Psychics, Vampire, Cats, Bartenders, Cannibals
      PlotSuperpowers, Loneliness, Sects, Telekinesis, Abduction, Supernatural, Death, Hunger, Snow, Ghosts
      PlaceTrains, Beach, Labyrinths

        A traumatized, alcoholic Dan Torrance meets Abra, a kid who also has the ability to "shine." He tries to protect her from the True Knot, a cult whose goal is to feed off of people like them in order to remain immortal. Doctor Sleep is a sequel to Stephen King's 1977 novel "The Shining". Doctor Sleep is set several decades after the events of the first "Shining".

        Bliss (2019)
        Mark9 (imdb: 5.8)
        CharactersArtists, Vampire
        PlaceUSA, Los Angeles

          In need of creative inspiration, a professionally stagnant and hard-partying Los Angeles artist recklessly indulges in a series of drug binges. As the narcotics fly out of control, so does her newfound and inexplicable, yet unquenchable, craving for blood.

          Blood Vessel (2019)
          Markimdb: 5.3
          PlotSupernatural, Survival, Superpowers
          TimeWorld War II
          StyleTense, Disturbing, Creepy

            Near the end of World War II, the survivors of a torpedoed hospital ship cling to life aboard a crowded lifeboat. With no food, water, or shelter, all seems lost – until an eerily silent German minesweeper drifts ominously towards them, giving them one last chance at survival. As our motley crew explores the ship, it becomes all too clear that some diabolical fate has befallen its German crew. The mystery only deepens when they encounter a young Romanian girl, apparently the sole survivor, who leads them to a locked room in the bowels of the vessel.

            Living Among Us (2018)
            Mark7.4 (imdb: 5.6)
            Genrehorror, fantastic, thriller, fantasy, comedy
            CharactersVampire, Journalists

              Vampires have just made themselves public! Now a group of documentarians have been granted access to spend some time with them and learn how they live and coexist with humans. But as reality sets in, the crew realize they are in for far more than they bargained for.

              Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018)
              Mark9.4 (imdb: 6.3)
              Genrefantasy, comedy, adventure, family, cartoon
              CharactersMonsters, Werewolf, Vampire, Dragons, Witch, DJs
              PlaceShips, Hotels, Castle, Aircraft, Casino
              StyleFor children, Light, Unexpected ending

                Dracula, Mavis, Johnny and the rest of the Drac Pack take a vacation on a luxury Monster Cruise Ship, where Dracula falls in love with the ship’s captain, Ericka, who’s secretly a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, the notorious monster slayer.

                Apostle (2018)
                Mark8.4 (imdb: 6.3)
                Genrehorror, thriller, fantasy, drama, detective
                CountryUnited Kingdom, USA
                CharactersLifeguards, Prophets, Brothers, Vampire, Gods
                PlotAbduction, Sects, Religious, Revenge, Supernatural, Dancing, Mystery
                StyleNetflix, Exciting, Tense

                  In 1905, a man travels to a remote island in search of his missing sister who has been kidnapped by a mysterious religious cult.

                  Corbin Nash (2018)
                  Markimdb: 5
                  Genrehorror, action, thriller
                  CountryUnited Kingdom, USA
                  CharactersVampire, Demons
                  PlotDeath, Love, Missing people

                    A rogue police detective in search of his parents' killer is murdered and reborn the ultimate killer.

                    Family Blood (2018)
                    Markimdb: 4.2
                    Genrehorror, thriller
                    CharactersVampire, Family, Single mothers

                      Ellie, a recovering drug addict, has just moved to a new city with her two teenage children. She has struggled to stay sober in the past and is determined to make it work this time, finding a stable job and regularly attending her meetings. Unfortunately, new friends, a new job, and the chance of a new life, can’t keep Ellie from slipping once again. Her life changes when she meets Christopher – a different kind of addict – which forces her daughter and son to accept a new version of Ellie.

                      Happy Family (2017)
                      Mark10 (imdb: 4.8)
                      Genrehorror, comedy, family, cartoon
                      CountryGermany, United Kingdom
                      CharactersWitch, Vampire, Family, Mothers, Werewolf
                      PlotAdventure, Supernatural, Curses, Holidays, Happiness
                      PlaceAircraft, Deserts, Hotels

                        The Wishbone family is far from happy. With a struggling bookshop, an overworked husband, and two misunderstood teenagers, Emma is at her wit's end trying to be the perfect mom. After dragging her family to a costume party on Halloween night, they are cursed by an evil witch and transformed into a Vampire, a Mummy, a Werewolf, and Frankenstein's monster. Now Emma will fight to keep her Monster Family together and uncover the secret of their curse... eventually leading them to the Prince of Darkness himself, Dracula!

                        The Night Watchmen (2017)
                        Markimdb: 5.4
                        Genrehorror, comedy
                        CharactersVampire, Monsters, Friends, Clowns
                        PlotChase, Fear, Supernatural, Death
                        PlaceOffice, USA

                          Three inept night watchmen, aided by a young rookie and a fearless tabloid journalist, fight an epic battle to save their lives. A mistaken warehouse delivery unleashes a horde of hungry vampires, and these unlikely heroes must not only save themselves but also stop the scourge that threatens to take over the city of Baltimore.

                          Juda (2017)
                          Markimdb: 7.1
                          Genrehorror, fantastic, action, fantasy, drama, crime
                          CharactersVampire, Scammers, Police

                            Juda Ben Haim is a showy little thug, on his way to the biggest gambling in Romania with the money of a dangerous French mobster. A mysterious and beautiful woman shows up and changes all the picture.

                            Vamps (2017)
                            Mark8.8 (imdb: 4.3)
                            Genrethriller, fantasy
                            CharactersVampire, Priests
                            PlotLove, Mystery

                              The story takes place in 18th century russia. empress elizabeth’s confessor, monk named Lavr, is exiled to a monastery in a haunted mountainous region, taking his secret ancient knowledge with him. Years later, the empress sends her godson Andrey to bring the monk back. Andrey travels to the ill-famed place and meets with Lavr, but before they can return to St. Petersburg they must face evil forces and creatures of the dark side.

                              Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu (2017)
                              Markimdb: 8
                              Genreaction, fantasy, cartoon, detective
                              CharactersGirlfriends, Vampire, Heroes
                              PlotLove, Rivalry, Supernatural

                                With help from Meme Oshino, the apparition specialist, Koyomi defeats the three powerful vampire hunters: Dramaturgy, Episode and Guillotinecutter. Koyomi takes back all the limbs of Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade in order to become a human again.

                                Zombillenium (2017)
                                Markimdb: 6.4
                                Genrefantasy, comedy, cartoon
                                CountryFrance, Belgium
                                CharactersZombie, Fathers, Witch, Demons, Vampire, Werewolf, Orphans
                                PlotRivalry, Supernatural, Ghosts, Witchcraft
                                PlaceSchool, Party, Small cities

                                  Zombillenium, the Halloween theme park, happens to be the one place on earth where real monsters can hide in plain sight. When Hector, a human, threatens to disclose the true identity of his employees, the Vampire Park Manager has no other choice but to hire him. To see his daughter, Hector must escape from his Zombies and Werewolves coworkers.

                                  The Little Vampire 3D (2017)
                                  Markimdb: 5.5
                                  Genrehorror, fantasy, comedy, adventure, family, cartoon
                                  CountryNetherlands, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom
                                  PlotAdventure, Mystery
                                  StyleExciting, Light, Fascinating

                                    Tony, a thirteen-year-old boy on vacation in rural Germany, is fascinated by the idea of vampires. Meanwhile Rudolph, a vampire of "similar" age (313!), encounters trouble when his clan is threatened by a dangerously obsessed hunter. Fate brings these two boys together, as Tony & Rudolph set off an action-packed battle to stop the villain, save Rudolph's family and learn the power of friendship.

                                    Eat Locals (2017)
                                    Markimdb: 5.3
                                    Genrehorror, action, comedy
                                    CountryUnited Kingdom
                                    CharactersSoldier, Vampire, Chickens, Special Forces
                                    StyleDepressive, Tense

                                      In a quiet countryside farmhouse, Britain's vampires gather for their once-every-fifty-years meeting. Others will be joining them too; Sebastian Crockett, an unwitting Essex boy who thinks he's on a promise with sexy cougar Vanessa; and a detachment of Special Forces vampire killers who have bitten off more than they can chew. This is certainly going to be a night to remember... and for some of them it will be their last.

                                      The Carmilla Movie (2017)
                                      Markimdb: 6.6
                                      Genrehorror, fantasy, comedy, melodrama, short
                                      CharactersVampire, Lesbians
                                      PlotTime travel, Ghosts

                                        It has been five years since Laura and Carmilla vanquished the apocalypse and Carmilla became a bonafide mortal human. They have settled in to a cozy apartment in downtown Toronto, Laura continues to hone her journalism skills while Carmilla adjusts to a non-vampire lifestyle. Their domestic bliss is suddenly ruptured when Carmilla begins to show signs of "re-vamping" – from a fondness for bloody treats to accidental biting – while Laura has started having bizarre, ghostly dreams. The couple must now enlist their old friends from Silas University to uncover the unknown supernatural threat and save humanity – including Carmilla's.

                                        Fanged Up (2017)
                                        Markimdb: 4.8
                                        Genrehorror, comedy
                                        CountryUnited Kingdom

                                          A young rogue is thrown into prison for the weekend, unaware that the guards are blood-sucking vampires and the inmates are their victims