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List of the best movies about Los Angeles, selected by visitors to our site: The Little Things, The Banker, Last Moment of Clarity, Bad Hair, Friendsgiving, Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss, Saint Judy, Dolemite Is My Name, Love, Antosha, Velvet Buzzsaw.

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The Little Things (2021)
CharactersKillers, Sheriffs, Serial killers, Maniacs, Dogs
PlotInvestigation, Chase, Cheating, Missing people, Fear, Pursuit
PlaceUSA, Hotels, Los Angeles, Deserts

    Deputy Sheriff Joe "Deke" Deacon joins forces with Sgt. Jim Baxter to search for a serial killer who's terrorizing Los Angeles. As they track the culprit, Baxter is unaware that the investigation is dredging up echoes of Deke's past, uncovering disturbing secrets that could threaten more than his case.

    The Banker (2020)
    Markimdb: 7.3
    Genredrama, biography
    PlotMoney, Fight
    PlaceLos Angeles
    StyleTouching, Soulful, Fascinating

      In the 1960s, two entrepreneurs hatch an ingenious business plan to fight for housing integration—and equal access to the American Dream.

      Last Moment of Clarity (2020)
      Markimdb: 5.2
      PlaceBeach, Hospitals, Los Angeles

        A normal New Yorker's life is upended when his girlfriend is murdered by the Bulgarian mob. He flees to Paris to hide from her killers. But three years later, he sees a similar looking woman on the silver screen. Obsession with past love takes Sam to Los Angeles to look for answers, only to put him back into the sights of the Bulgarians. An updated Hitchcockian thriller in the vein of Vertigo and Rear Window

        Bad Hair (2020)
        Markimdb: 5.6
        Genrehorror, comedy
        PlaceLos Angeles

          In 1989, an ambitious young woman gets a weave in order to succeed in the image-obsessed world of music television. However, her flourishing career may come at a great cost when she realizes that her new hair may have a mind of its own.

          Friendsgiving (2020)
          Markimdb: 4.3
          Genrecomedy, drama
          PlaceLos Angeles

            Newly-divorced actress Molly, her recently-dumped lesbian best friend Abby and Molly’s mother Helen host a dysfunctional, comical and chaotic Thanksgiving dinner for their motley crew of close friends and strange acquaintances.

            Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss (2020)
            Markimdb: 5.5
            PlaceLos Angeles

              A small-town couple finds the perfect apartment in the big city, except there's one catch: the apartment is home to the ritualistic suicides of a deranged cult.

              Saint Judy (2019)
              Markimdb: 6.3
              Genredrama, biography
              PlotPursuit, Justice
              PlaceSchool, Los Angeles, USA

                The true story of immigration attorney Judy Wood and how she singlehandedly changed the U.S. law of asylum to save women's lives.

                Dolemite Is My Name (2019)
                Markimdb: 7.3
                CharactersActors, Comedians
                PlotSuccess, Money, On real events
                PlaceLos Angeles, USA

                  The story of Rudy Ray Moore, who created the iconic big screen pimp character Dolemite in the 1970s.

                  Love, Antosha (2019)
                  Markimdb: 8.1
                  CharactersFriends, Actors, Directors, Mothers
                  PlotDeath, Art
                  PlaceRussia, Los Angeles, USA

                    From a prolific career in film and television, Anton Yelchin left an indelible legacy as an actor. Through his journals and other writings, his photography, the original music he wrote, and interviews with his family, friends, and colleagues, this film looks not just at Anton's impressive career, but at a broader portrait of the man.

                    Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)
                    Mark6 (imdb: 5.7)
                    Genrehorror, thriller, detective
                    CharactersArtists, Gay, Cats, Writers
                    PlotInvestigation, Damn things, Supernatural, Death, Computers, Love triangle
                    PlaceLos Angeles

                      Big money artists and mega-collectors pay a high price when art collides with commerce. After a series of paintings by an unknown artist are discovered, a supernatural force enacts revenge on those who have allowed their greed to get in the way of art.

                      The Public (2019)
                      Markimdb: 6.6
                      CharactersPolice, Journalists
                      PlotPolitical, Confrontation
                      PlaceUSA, Los Angeles

                        An act of civil disobedience turns into a standoff with police when homeless people in Cincinnati take over the public library to seek shelter from the bitter cold.

                        Runaways (2019)
                        Markimdb: 5.2
                        CountryRussia, Latvia
                        CharactersSuperhero, Superhero, Aliens
                        PlaceLos Angeles
                        StyleFascinating, Action

                          The unlucky popular favorite and pop singer Alex in the company of the hired killer Stepan and nymphomaniac Nastya flee from all-powerful killers with heavy machine guns and a black hammer hired by the production center. The classic American genre in domestic spaces ...

                          The Curse of La Llorona (2019)
                          Mark6.2 (imdb: 5.3)
                          Genrehorror, thriller, detective
                          CharactersSingle mothers, Family
                          PlotGhosts, Death, Supernatural, Investigation, Fate, Chase
                          PlaceLos Angeles
                          StyleHeavy, Depressive, Tense, Disturbing

                            A social worker dealing with the disappearance of two children fears for her own family after beginning the investigation.

                            Bliss (2019)
                            Mark9 (imdb: 5.8)
                            CharactersArtists, Vampire
                            PlaceUSA, Los Angeles

                              In need of creative inspiration, a professionally stagnant and hard-partying Los Angeles artist recklessly indulges in a series of drug binges. As the narcotics fly out of control, so does her newfound and inexplicable, yet unquenchable, craving for blood.

                              Straight Up (2019)
                              Markimdb: 6.8
                              Genrecomedy, melodrama
                              PlaceLos Angeles

                                Todd is a hyper-articulate, obsessive compulsive gay twentysomething whose fear of dying alone leads him to a baffling conclusion: he might not be gay after all. When he meets Rory, a whip-smart struggling actress with her own set of insecurities, the two forge a relationship that’s all talk and no sex.

                                Seberg (2019)
                                Markimdb: 5.7
                                Genrethriller, drama, biography
                                CountryUnited Kingdom, USA
                                PlaceLos Angeles

                                  An ambitious young FBI agent is assigned to investigate iconic actress Jean Seberg when she becomes embroiled in the tumultuous civil rights movement in late 1960s Los Angeles.

                                  The Last Movie Star (2018)
                                  Markimdb: 6.9
                                  CharactersDogs, Jews, Actors, Old man, Celebrities, Singers
                                  PlotTime travel, Loneliness, Depression
                                  PlaceLos Angeles, USA, Mansions, Hotels

                                    An aging screen icon gets lured into accepting an award at a rinky-dink film festival in Nashville, Tenn., sending him on a hilarious fish-out-of-water adventure and an unexpectedly poignant journey into his past.

                                    Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town (2018)
                                    Markimdb: 5.5
                                    Genrecomedy, melodrama, drama, music
                                    CharactersMusicians, Girlfriends, Actors, Sisters, Singers
                                    PlotTime travel, Revenge, Betrayal, Love, Fate, Fear
                                    PlaceLos Angeles, Party
                                    TimeNew Year

                                      A woman at rock bottom must find her way across Los Angeles in order to crash her ex-boyfriend's engagement party.

                                      The Clapper (2018)
                                      Mark5 (imdb: 5.1)
                                      PlotAdventure, Love
                                      PlaceLos Angeles

                                        15 minutes of fame destroys the life of a man who works as a clapper in television.

                                        In the Hood (2018)
                                        Mark7.4 (imdb: 2.6)
                                        CharactersPoor, Criminals, Friends, Teens
                                        PlaceRussia, Los Angeles

                                          Vova and his best friend Kisa make ends meet by working for the local thug in Vladivostock, Russia until one assignment forces them to question their own morality and puts their friendship to the ultimate test.