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List of the best animal killer movies selected by visitors to our site: Black Water: Abyss, Rampage, Lake Placid vs. Anaconda, Zombeavers, Piranhaconda, The Reef, Piranha 3D, Sand Serpents, Anacondas: Trail of Blood, Black Sheep
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Black Water: Abyss (2020)
Markimdb: 4.5
CharactersDiggers, Crocodiles, Friends, Tourists, Monsters
PlotSurvival, Killer animals, Adventure, Death, Fear
PlaceCaves, Australia
StyleAction, Heavy, Exciting, Tense, Disturbing

An adventure-loving couple convince their friends to explore a remote, uncharted cave system in the forests of Northern Australia. With a tropical storm approaching, they abseil into the mouth of the cave, but when the caves start to flood, tensions rise as oxygen levels fall and the friends find themselves trapped. Unknown to them, the storm has also brought in a pack of dangerous and hungry crocodiles.

Rampage (2018)
Mark8.6 (imdb: 6.1)
Genrefantastic, action, adventure
CharactersGiants, Wolves, Friends, Monkeys, Lifeguards, Crocodiles, Military, Monsters
PlotKiller animals, Genetic experiments, Chase, Fear
PlaceHelicopters, Chicago, Laboratory
StyleFor a group of friends, Exciting, Touching, Disturbing, Fascinating

Primatologist Davis Okoye shares an unshakable bond with George, the extraordinarily intelligent, silverback gorilla who has been in his care since birth. But a rogue genetic experiment gone awry mutates this gentle ape into a raging creature of enormous size. To make matters worse, it’s soon discovered there are other similarly altered animals. As these newly created alpha predators tear across North America, destroying everything in their path, Okoye teams with a discredited genetic engineer to secure an antidote, fighting his way through an ever-changing battlefield, not only to halt a global catastrophe but to save the fearsome creature that was once his friend.

Lake Placid vs. Anaconda (2015)
Mark7.2 (imdb: 3.2)
Genrehorror, fantastic, action
CharactersSnake, Crocodiles, Sheriffs, Monsters
PlotKiller animals, Survival, Rivalry, Experiments
StyleDisturbing, For men

A giant alligator goes head to head with a giant Anaconda. The town sheriff must find a way to destroy the two monsters before they kill the whole town.

Zombeavers (2014)
Mark4.4 (imdb: 4.8)
Genrehorror, comedy
CharactersZombie, Teens, Dogs, Animals, Monsters, Mutant
PlotKiller animals, Death, Supernatural, Survival, Travel

College friends find their weekend of sex and debauchery ruined when deadly zombie beavers swarm their riverside cabin.

Piranhaconda (2012)
Mark8.6 (imdb: 2.9)
Genrehorror, fantastic
CharactersSnake, Heroes, Mutant
PlotKiller animals, Survival
PlaceJungle, Hotels, Helicopters
StyleExciting, Heavy, Disturbing

A hybrid creature - half piranha and half anaconda -- attacks a low-budget horror movie crew on location near her nest when her egg is stolen. Now they must outrun and kill the deadly piranhaconda as well as stop the mad scientist who stole the egg - before they all become dinner.

The Reef (2010)
Mark8.6 (imdb: 5.8)
Genrehorror, thriller
CharactersSharks, Tourists
PlotKiller animals, Survival, Death
PlaceSea, Australia, Beach

A great white shark hunts the crew of a capsized sailboat along the Great Barrier Reef.

Piranha 3D (2010)
Mark9 (imdb: 5.4)
Genrehorror, comedy
CharactersHeroes, Fish
PlotKiller animals, Death, Survival
StyleTense, For men

Each year the population of sleepy Lake Victoria, Arizona explodes from 5,000 to 50,000 residents for the annual Spring Break celebration. But then, an earthquake opens an underwater chasm, releasing an enormous swarm of ancient Piranha that have been dormant for thousands of years, now with a taste for human flesh. This year, there's something more to worry about than the usual hangovers and complaints from locals, a new type of terror is about to be cut loose on Lake Victoria.

Sand Serpents (2009)
Mark9.2 (imdb: 3.8)
Genrehorror, action, thriller, military
PlotKiller animals

Jason Gedrick and a small group of Marines are stranded in the remote Afghan desert. But it ain't the Taliban that's worrying them, it's these giant refugees from Tremors. In fact the big worms prove to be an ally of sorts by doing better against the Taliban than themselves but battling these enemies is something not covered in their training.

Anacondas: Trail of Blood (2009)
Mark7.4 (imdb: 3)
Genrehorror, fantastic, action, thriller
CountryRomania, USA
PlotKiller animals

A genetically created Anaconda, cut in half, regenerates itself into two aggressive giant snakes, due to the Blood Orchid.

Black Sheep (2006)
Mark7.4 (imdb: 5.8)
Genrehorror, fantastic, comedy
CountryNew Zealand
CharactersZombie, Taxi drivers
PlotKiller animals
StyleHeavy, Disturbing

A genetic engineering experiment gone horribly awry turns a large flock of docile sheep into unrelenting killing machines in this rural horror comedy directed by Jonathan King and featuring special effects designed by Weta Workshop.

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12 Days of Terror (2005)
Mark6.4 (imdb: 5.5)
Genrehorror, thriller, drama
CountrySouth Africa
PlotKiller animals, Survival
PlaceBeach, USA

July of 1916 was a time of record heat, a polio epidemic, and a World War in Europe. But beachgoers in New Jersey are threatened by a even greater terror: a shark that has suddenly developed a taste for human flesh. Starting July 1st and lasting over a period of 12 days, the unidentified shark kills four people and seriously injures a fifth before the attacks stop, and threatens New Jersey's thriving tourist industry. Based on true events, and one of the inspirations behind Peter Benchley's Jaws.

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004)
Mark7.4 (imdb: 4.7)
Genrehorror, action, thriller, adventure
CharactersSnake, Scientists, Tough guys, Amazons
PlotKiller animals, Survival, Adventure, Expeditions, Death
StyleHeavy, Exciting, Tense, Disturbing

The blood orchid - A rare flower that holds the secret of eternal life and a fortune to the pharmaceutical company that finds it. Led by a two-fisted soldier of fortune, a scientific expedition is sent deep into the jungles of Borneo to locate and bring back samples of the legendary plant. Battling their way upriver, the explorers brave poisonous insects, ferocious crocodiles and savage headhunters, unaware they're being stalked by an even greater danger: a nest of giant anacondas, voracious, fifty-foot-long flesh-eaters who'll stop at nothing to protect their breeding ground, the blood orchid's home.

Deep Blue Sea (1999)
Mark9.2 (imdb: 5.9)
Genrefantastic, action, thriller
CountryUSA, Australia
CharactersSharks, Scientists, Heroes, Inventors
PlotKiller animals, Survival, Shipwreck
StyleDisturbing, Exciting, Tense

On a remote former submarine refueling facility called Aquatica, a team of scientists are searching for a cure for Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Susan McAlester genetically engineers three Mako sharks, intending to increase their brain capacity so that they can harvest the tissue as a cure for Alzheimer's. Unfortunately, the increased brain capacity also makes the sharks smarter, faster, and more dangerous. Aquatica's financial backers are skeptical and nervous about the tests, and send a corporate executive to visit the facility.

Jaws (1975)
Genrehorror, thriller, adventure
CharactersSharks, Fish, Monsters
PlotKiller animals, Survival, Fear
PlaceBeach, Small cities
StyleAction, Heavy, Tense, Disturbing

An insatiable great white shark terrorizes the townspeople of Amity Island, The police chief, an oceanographer and a grizzled shark hunter seek to destroy the bloodthirsty beast.

Crawl (2019)
Mark10 (imdb: 6.1)
Genrehorror, thriller
CountryUSA, Serbia, Canada
PlotSurvival, Killer animals

When a huge hurricane hits her hometown in Florida, Haley ignores evacuation orders to look for her father. After finding him badly wounded, both are trapped by the flood. With virtually no time to escape the storm, they discover that rising water levels are the least of their problems.