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20 best movies like Vixen! (1968)

List of the best movies like Vixen! (1968): The Divide, Sergio, A Place in the Caribbean, Natural Selection, The Atoning, What Death Leaves Behind, Deadcon, 5-25-77, 纽约客@上海, Blackbird.

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Markimdb: 5.8
Genrehorror, fantastic, fantastic, thriller, thriller, drama, drama
CountryUSA, Germany, Canada, France
CharactersHeroes, Soldier
PlotSurvival, Apocalypse
PlaceBunker, New York
TimePost apocalypse
StyleAction, Tense, Depressive, Serious

Survivors of a nuclear attack are grouped together for days in the basement of their apartment building, where fear and dwindling supplies wear away at their dynamic.

Markimdb: 6.1
Genremelodrama, drama, biography, history
PlotOn real events

A sweeping drama set in the chaotic aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq, where the life of top UN diplomat Brazilian Sérgio Vieira de Mello hangs in the balance during the most treacherous mission of his career.

Markimdb: 7.5
Genremelodrama, drama
CountryHonduras, USA

Gael travels to the Island of Roatan to finish his last novel and finds love at first sight. Sofia and her father missed their cruise and are forced to stay in the wonderful island. Three love stories around this magical place.

Markimdb: 6.5
Genrecomedy, drama
CharactersFriends, Sisters
PlotTravel, Prison Break, Weapon
PlaceTexas, USA
StyleSoulful, Fascinating, Touching

When a dutiful, albeit barren Christian housewife discovers that her devout husband has suffered a stroke at a sperm bank where he's been secretly donating his seed for the past 25 years, she leaves her sheltered world and starts off on a journey to find his eldest biological son - a mullet-headed, foul-mouthed ex-con with whom she develops an odd but meaningful relationship.

Markimdb: 4.2
Genrehorror, thriller, drama
CharactersDemons, Family, Clairvoyants
PlotSupernatural, Life after death, Ghosts
StyleHeavy, Depressive, Serious, Disturbing

Vera, Ray, and Sam, a seemingly normal family, are haunted by more than mere ghosts. The lingering horror of their past threatens their ability to function as a loving family until they become enlightened by a mystical encounter. From that moment on, they're thrust into a horror worse than anything they've ever experienced. Personal demons manifest and tear the family apart from the inside out as they come to terms with their past.

Markimdb: 6.2
Genrethriller, drama, detective

After a kidney transplant, Jake Warren experiences reoccurring nightmares he believes to be visions of his donor's violent murder, sending him on a dark path of vengeance, leading to an unbearable truth.

Markimdb: 2.8
Genrehorror, thriller, drama, detective

The horrors and isolation of being a social media influencer run rampant when a collection of YouTube and Instagram stars soon discover there are things scarier than thousands of teenagers armed with phones asking for selfies.

Markimdb: 6.3
Genrecomedy, drama

Alienated, hopeful-filmmaker Pat Johnson's epic story growing up in rural Illinois, falling in love, and becoming the first fan of the movie that changed everything.

Markimdb: 6.2
Genrecomedy, melodrama, drama
CountryUSA, China
CharactersLawyers, Losers, Businessmen, Reporters
PlotLove, Moving
PlaceIslands, China

When ambitious New York attorney Sam is sent to Shanghai on assignment, he immediately stumbles into a legal mess that could end his career. With the help of a beautiful relocation specialist, a well-connected old-timer, a clever journalist, and a street-smart legal assistant, Sam might just save his job, find romance, and learn to appreciate the beauty and wonders of Shanghai. Written by Anonymous (

Markimdb: 6.6
CountryUSA, United Kingdom
CharactersTerminally ill
PlotMeaning of life
StyleTo cry, Soulful, Makes me think, Touching, Heartbreaking

A terminally ill mother invites her family to their country house for one final gathering, but tensions quickly boil over between her two daughters.

Markimdb: 6.6
Genrethriller, drama, crime, military, biography
CountryUSA, Hungary
CharactersSpy, Strong women, Princesses
PlotOn real events, Fight
PlacePrison, Aircraft, Germany
TimeWorld War II

The story of Vera Atkins, a crafty spy recruiter, and two of the first women she selects for Churchill's "secret army": Virginia Hall, a daring American undaunted by a disability and Noor Inayat Khan, a pacifist. These civilian women form an unlikely sisterhood while entangled in dangerous missions to turn the tide of the war.

Markimdb: 6.1
PlotObsession, Friendship, Death
StylePsychological problems, Action, Fascinating, Tense, Touching

Deep into Hell Week, a favored pledgee is torn between honoring his code of silence or standing up against the intensifying violence of underground hazing.

Markimdb: 5.1
CountryUSA, India

Three young people—Haris, a gay painter; Vishnu, a rural kabaddi player and their friend Sia, an activist who refuses to conform to dominant norms of femininity—struggle to find space and happiness in a conservative Indian city.

Markimdb: 6.7
Genrecomedy, melodrama, drama
CountryUSA, Poland
StyleSoulful, Touching

An offbeat romantic comedy about a silver-painted street performer and the soft spoken zoo worker who falls for him.

Markimdb: 5.7
Genrethriller, drama, crime

A teenage interracial couple in the 1950’s rob and steal to escape the bigotry of the American South. But when things turn violent, they are forced to confront the dark secrets of their own.

Markimdb: 6.6
Genremelodrama, drama
CharactersAngels, Friends
PlotWedding, Love triangle, True love, Growing up, Gifts
TimeNew Year
StyleRomantic, To cry, Touching, Serious

Alyssa Milano, who also serves as producer, stars as Jane Claremont, who, as a young girl, would accompany her mother Vivian (Stockard Channing) to Tiffany’s in New York every Sunday and bring along her imaginary friend, Michael. Now, 20 years later, Jane is a successful businesswoman, set to marry Hugh (Ivan Sergei), her handsome fiancé, until Michael (Eric Winter) suddenly reappears.

Markimdb: 5.8
Genremelodrama, drama, western

Set at the end of the Civil War, widowed mother of 3 Belle Gatlin Barlowe faces uncertainty as she attempts to defend her family's land by any means necessary. When the corrupt bank that runs their town pushes Belle into becoming an outlaw, the stakes become personal, setting off a chain of events that force her to question whether it's better to be good or to survive.

Markimdb: 5.9
Genrefantastic, melodrama, drama

When the husband of a dying woman is approached by a corporation pioneering a new program to extend life through robotics, they get caught in a public debate over humans' relationship with technology.

Markimdb: 7.1
Genremelodrama, drama, history
CountryUnited Kingdom, France, USA
PlotInvestigation, Love triangle, Conspiracies, Rivalry
PlaceParis, France
StyleFascinating, Disturbing

A gripping family drama and entrepreneurial fable, set in a post-war Paris fashion house. It exposes the grit behind the glamour of a rising business, spearheaded by two clashing brothers.

Markimdb: 7.1
Genrehorror, thriller, drama
CountryUSA, Sweden
PlotDeath, Mental disorders, Sects, Freedom, Rites of passage
PlaceNature, Sweden, Small cities
StyleHeavy, Fancy, Psychedelic, For a group of friends, Disturbing

A group of friends travels to Sweden to visit the rural hometown of one of them and attend its mid-summer festival. What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly descends into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult.

Markimdb: 6.1
Genrecomedy, melodrama, drama
CharactersFamily, Friends, Lovers, Pianists, Singers
PlotLove, Dancing, Ballet, Love triangle, Computers
PlaceTrains, Kitchen, USA
StyleRomantic, Soulful, Fascinating, Touching

The separation of a long married couple goes awry when they fall for each other again.

Markimdb: 5.6
Genreaction, thriller, drama
CharactersHeroes, Family, Partners
PlotOn real events, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Rivalry
PlaceUSA, Asia
StyleExciting, Fascinating, Tense, Serious

An unexpected inspector drops by a lavish party of a notable family in order to investigate the suicide of a pregnant girl. This breaks the joy and peace of the party which is meant to celebrate a couple's engagement. Every one claims that he does not know the girl. However, the inspector does find something suspicious there with the help of a diary book and a photo. Astonishing truth is gradually revealed - six of the noble family members are closely related to the girl’s death.

Markimdb: 5.6
Genrefantasy, comedy, drama, adventure, family
CountryUSA, Canada
CharactersCinderella, Gnomes
PlotAdventure, Magic

After she spends all her money, an evil enchantress queen schemes to marry a handsome, wealthy prince. There's just one problem - he's in love with a beautiful princess, Snow White. Now, joined by seven rebellious dwarves, Snow White launches an epic battle of good vs. evil...

Markimdb: 7.3
Genrecomedy, drama
CountryUSA, China
CharactersTeens, Teachers, Friends, Brothers
PlotLove, Friendship, Loneliness, Hatred
StyleCute, Tense, Touching

Two high school girls are best friends until one dates the other's older brother, who is totally his sister's nemesis.