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20 Best Animation movies like March of the Dinosaurs (2011)

List of the best animation movies like March of the Dinosaurs (2011): Pear Cider and Cigarettes, Soul, Mend and Make Do, The Prodigies, The Breadwinner, Little Voices, Ryan, The Short Films of David Lynch, The Triplets of Belleville, Waltz with Bashir.

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Markimdb: 6.8
Genredrama, cartoon, short
CountryCanada, United Kingdom
PlotFriendship, Death
StyleAtmospheric, Fancy, Touching

The brutally honest story of Robert's turbulent relationship with a self-destructive, yet charismatic friend from childhood, who cries out for help from a military hospital in China and sets Rob on a wild ride to get him home to Vancouver.

Markimdb: 8.1
Genrefantasy, comedy, adventure, adventure, family, family, cartoon, cartoon, short, music
CharactersMusicians, Family
PlotAdventure, Life after death, Music, Art, Meaning of life
StyleFor children, Popular, Exciting, Soulful, Philosophical

Joe Gardner is a middle school teacher with a love for jazz music. After a successful gig at the Half Note Club, he suddenly gets into an accident that separates his soul from his body and is transported to the You Seminar, a center in which souls develop and gain passions before being transported to a newborn child. Joe must enlist help from the other souls-in-training, like 22, a soul who has spent eons in the You Seminar, in order to get back to Earth.

Markimdb: 8.2
Genredrama, documentary, cartoon, short, biography
CountryUnited Kingdom

Cup of tea? Come and take a seat in Lyn's cosy front room, hear her story of wartime love and watch as her belongings come alive with the hope, fear and humour of one spirited lady.

Markimdb: 5.9
Genrehorror, fantastic, action, thriller, fantasy, drama, cartoon
CountryUnited Kingdom, Poland, India, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, France
PlotApocalypse, Revenge, Friendship, Supernatural, Chase
PlaceNew York
StyleExciting, Action, Fascinating, Depressive, Serious

NYC, Central Park, 2010. Five young teenagers are violently assaulted. But they’re not your average teenagers… they’re prodigies. The trauma of the assault incites them to lash out against the world in a cold and calculating way. The five chillingly brilliant minds come together to concoct a perfect revenge. The only person aware of the pending doom is Jimbo Farrar, a sixth prodigy, who has gathered them. As long as he fights against his five counterparts with all his might, there’s hope for the world. But should he turn over to their side, it’s only a matter of time before a disaster of apocalyptic proportions ensues…

Markimdb: 7.7
Genredrama, family, cartoon, military
CountryRepublic of Ireland, Canada, Luxembourg, USA, United Kingdom, Philippines, India
CharactersDogs, Police, Family, Fathers, Elephants
PlotSurvival, Friendship, Weapon, Religious, Freedom
PlacePrison, Village, Afghanistan, Aircraft, Caves
StyleSoulful, Heavy, Tense, Heartbreaking, Sad ones

A headstrong young girl in Afghanistan, ruled by the Taliban, disguises herself as a boy in order to provide for her family.

Markimdb: 7.6
Genredrama, documentary, cartoon
CountryColombia, Faroe Islands

This animated documentary about the vision of the Colombia war by displaced children using their original drawings and their testimonies.

Markimdb: 7.5
Genrefantasy, drama, documentary, cartoon, short, biography

Ryan is a 2004 animated documentary by Chris Landreth about the Canadian animator Ryan Larkin, who in later years lived on skid row in Montreal following a history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Markimdb: 7.4
Genrehorror, drama, documentary, cartoon

The Short Films of David Lynch (2002) is a DVD collection of the early student and commissioned film work of American filmmaker David Lynch. As such, the collection does not include Lynch's later short work, which are listed in the filmography. The films are listed in chronological order, with brief descriptions of each film. The DVD contains introductions by Lynch to each film, which can be viewed individually or in sequence. # 1 Six Figures Getting Sick (Six Times) # 2 The Alphabet # 3 The Grandmother # 4 The Amputee # 5 The Cowboy and the Frenchman # 6 Premonitions Following an Evil Deed

Markimdb: 7.8
Genrecomedy, drama, cartoon
CountryFrance, Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom, Latvia, USA

When her grandson is kidnapped during the Tour de France, Madame Souza and her beloved pooch Bruno team up with the Belleville Sisters--an aged song-and-dance team from the days of Fred Astaire--to rescue him.

Markimdb: 8
Genredrama, documentary, cartoon, detective, military, biography, history
CountryIsrael, France, Germany, USA, Finland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Australia
CharactersDogs, Jews, Military, Soldier
PlotWar, Political, Lost memory
StyleSoulful, Atmospheric, Heavy, Fancy, Makes me think

Much awarded animated documentary, in which director and Israeli army veteran Ari Folman interviews friends and former soldiers about their memories of the 1982 Lebanon war and especially the Sabra and Shatila massacre in Beirut. The usage on animation enabled Folman to illustrate their personal memories and dreams.

Markimdb: 6.9
Genredrama, documentary, cartoon, short

Marcel survives the bird flu, alcohol, sleeping pills and his son Max. Though blinded in one eye, he remains the King of Tervuren. Greek tragedy as acted out by Belgian roosters.

Markimdb: 5.3
Genrecomedy, drama, musical, adventure, family, cartoon
CountryGermany, Canada
CharactersDragons, Bears, Beetles, Wizards, Orphans
PlotFriendship, Snow, Fog
PlaceSea, Parallel worlds, Castle
StyleExciting, To cry, Soulful

A young dragon looking for his own fire must fight against an evil wizard with help of the beautiful ice princess, Lilli.

Markimdb: 7.1
Genredrama, cartoon
CountryQatar, France, Lebanon, Canada, USA
CharactersArtists, Single mothers
PlotFriendship, Meaning of life
StyleSoulful, By books, Fancy, Makes me think, Serious

Exiled artist and poet Mustafa embarks on a journey home with his housekeeper and her daughter; together the trio must evade the authorities who fear that the truth in Mustafa's words will incite rebellion.

Markimdb: 6.7
Genredrama, family, cartoon, short
CountryUnited Kingdom
StyleAction, To cry, Touching

'You want to put her in a home; you tell her; tell her now!' hisses one brother to the other. But Mother won't go, and their own lives quickly unravel as she clings to life. Director Daisy Jacobs uses two-metre-high painted characters in full-size sets to tell the stark and darkly humorous tale of caring for an elderly relative. The Bigger Picture is quite simply the most innovative animated short you will see this year.

Markimdb: 8.4
Genrecomedy, drama, adventure, cartoon, detective
CharactersFamily, Friends
PlotTime travel, Relationship

Simple-minded Joseph Briteman breaks a golden rule of his 'life skills' program when he walks away unsupervised to rescue his long lost baby sister.

Markimdb: 6.7
Genredocumentary, cartoon, music, history
CountryUnited Kingdom, France, USA

The story of Sport and Spoon - two young hustlers who attend the eponymous convention, only to get tangled up in a financial disagreement that leads to a shootout, police chase and finishes with Sport on death row, weighing up what it all means. Taking its title from the album, the film blends archive photos with interviews and uses unique animated sequences set to the album. It portrays Hustlers Convention in its wider social context and Jalal's personal story as one of rap's undisputed pioneers.

Markimdb: 7.2
Genremelodrama, drama, cartoon, crime, music
CountrySpain, United Kingdom, USA
CharactersLosers, Pianists, Artists
PlotPassion, Music, Success
PlaceNew York
StyleFascinating, Serious

Chico is a young piano player with big dreams. Rita is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice. Music and romantic desire unites them, but their journey - in the tradition of the Latin ballad, the bolero - brings heartache and torment.

Markimdb: 6.4
Genrecomedy, drama, cartoon, short, music
CountryUnited Kingdom

A surreal trip through the subconscious of a stifled musician as he struggles to sing.

Markimdb: 6.8
Genredrama, musical, adventure, family, cartoon
CountryUSA, United Kingdom, South Africa
CharactersAnimals, Kings, Family, Lions, Zebras
PlotSurvival, Dancing, Adventure, Friendship, Chase
PlaceJungle, Nature, Africa
StyleFor children, Unexpected ending, Action, Epic, Touching

Simba idolises his father, King Mufasa, and takes to heart his own royal destiny. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub's arrival. Scar, Mufasa's brother—and former heir to the throne—has plans of his own. The battle for Pride Rock is ravaged with betrayal, tragedy and drama, ultimately resulting in Simba's exile. With help from a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba will have to figure out how to grow up and take back what is rightfully his.

Markimdb: 6.9
Genrehorror, drama, cartoon, short
CountryUSA, Canada

Stanley the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is left behind in the break of an apocalypse. All he wants to do is get back to his owner...

Markimdb: 7.5
Genrefantasy, drama, family, cartoon
CountryFrance, United Kingdom
CharactersFriends, Wizards, Artists
PlotMagic, Friendship, Loneliness, Art, Love with age difference
StyleTo cry, Atmospheric, Fancy, Touching, Heartbreaking

A French illusionist travels to Scotland to work. He meets a young woman in a small village. Their ensuing adventure in Edinburgh changes both their lives forever.

Markimdb: 6
Genrefantastic, fantasy, comedy, drama, musical, adventure, family, cartoon
CountryGermany, Estonia, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, France, USA, Denmark, Republic of Ireland, Latvia
PlotThe escape

Three children accidentally get turned into fish after drinking a potion made by an eccentric scientist. The kids end up in the sea, with one problem. They must find and drink the antidote within 48 hours, or forever remain as fish.

Markimdb: 7.8
Genredrama, cartoon, crime, biography
CountryPoland, United Kingdom, USA, Luxembourg, Netherlands
CharactersGeniuses, Snake, Artists, Friends, Fathers
PlotLove, On real events, Fight, Money, Investigation
PlaceVillage, Trains, Paris, London
Time19th century, Summer
StyleSoulful, Fascinating, Makes me think

The film brings the paintings of Vincent van Gogh to life to tell his remarkable story. Every one of the 65,000 frames of the film is an oil-painting hand-painted by 125 professional oil-painters who travelled from all across the world to the Loving Vincent studios in Poland and Greece to be a part of the production. As remarkable as Vincent’s brilliant paintings are his passionate and ill-fated life and mysterious death.