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20 best movies like Birth of the Dragon (2017)

List of the best movies like Birth of the Dragon (2017): Bruce Lee, My Brother, The Grandmaster, Stronger Than The World: The Story of José Aldo, The Final Master, Ford v Ferrari, Driven, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Alien Agent, Warfighter, An Inspector Calls.

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Markimdb: 6.4
Genredrama, biography
CountryHong Kong, China
CharactersHeroes, Tough guys, Warriors, Actors
PlotOn real events, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Karate
StyleExciting, Fascinating, Serious

Bruce Lee, My Brother is an action-dramatic biopic of the eponymous martial arts legend as told by his younger brother, Robert Lee. It revolves around Bruce Lee's life as a rebellious adolescent in Hong Kong before he sets off for the USA and conquers the world at the age of 18 with only US$100 in his pocket.

Markimdb: 6.6
Genreaction, melodrama, drama, military, biography
CountryHong Kong, China
CharactersHeroes, Teachers
PlotOn real events, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Revenge, Rivalry
PlaceJapan, China, Asia
StyleExciting, Atmospheric, Fascinating, Gloomy, Epic

Ip Man's peaceful life in Foshan changes after Gong Yutian seeks an heir for his family in Southern China. Ip Man then meets Gong Er who challenges him for the sake of regaining her family's honor. After the Second Sino-Japanese War, Ip Man moves to Hong Kong and struggles to provide for his family. In the mean time, Gong Er chooses the path of vengeance after her father was killed by Ma San.

Markimdb: 7.1
Genreaction, drama, biography, sport
CharactersTough guys
StyleExciting, Inspirational, Fascinating, Touching, Heartbreaking

The Story of longtime UFC Featherweight champion and the struggles facing him on the road to the top.

Markimdb: 6.9
Genreaction, drama
CharactersMilitary, Warriors
PlotKung Fu, Martial Arts, Fight, Rivalry
StyleExciting, Action, Fascinating, Tense

Determined to pass down his art, the Final Master of Wing Chun is caught in a power struggle with malicious local officials and ultimately must choose between personal honor and his master’s dying wish.

Markimdb: 8.1
Genreaction, drama, biography, sport
PlotOn real events, Sports, Racing, Cars, Fight
StyleExciting, Inspirational, Fascinating

American car designer Carroll Shelby and the British-born driver Ken Miles work together to battle corporate interference, the laws of physics, and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car for Ford Motor Company and take on the dominating race cars of Enzo Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966.

Markimdb: 6.4
Genrecomedy, drama, crime, biography
CountryUnited Kingdom, USA, Puerto Rico
PlotLove, On real events, Fight, Money, Friendship
StyleRomantic, Exciting, Action, Twisted plot, Light

FBI informant Jim Hoffman lures troubled automobile magnate John DeLorean to an undercover sting for cocaine trafficking.

Markimdb: 7
Genreaction, melodrama, drama, biography
PlotOn real events, Kung Fu, Martial Arts
PlaceAsia, Los Angeles
StyleFascinating, Touching, Serious, For men

This film is a glimpse into the life, love and the unconquerable spirit of the legendary Bruce Lee. From a childhod of rigorous martial arts training, Lee realizes his dream of opening his own kung-fu school in America. Before long, he is discovered by a Hollywood producer and begins a meteroric rise to fame and an all too short reign as one the most charasmatic action heroes in cinema history.

Markimdb: 4
Genrefantastic, action, drama, crime
CharactersAliens, Heroes, Tough guys
PlotKung Fu, Martial Arts, Karate, Alien invasion, Chase
StyleExciting, Touching, Serious, For men, Disturbing

A lawman from another galaxy must stop an invading force from building a gateway to planet Earth.

Markimdb: 4.1
Genreaction, melodrama, drama, military
CharactersHeroes, Military, Soldier, Warriors, Veterans
PlotWar, On real events, Travel, Martial Arts, Hockey
StyleRomantic, Exciting, Heavy, Serious, For men

Rusty Wittenburg is a Navy SEAL struggling to balance his family life and his job. He fights daily to maintain the line between reality and the nightmares his PTSD conjures up for him. Dedicated to his team and his mission, he is willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for his fellow brothers and teammates.

Markimdb: 5.6
Genreaction, thriller, drama
CharactersHeroes, Family, Partners
PlotOn real events, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Rivalry
PlaceUSA, Asia
StyleExciting, Fascinating, Tense, Serious

An unexpected inspector drops by a lavish party of a notable family in order to investigate the suicide of a pregnant girl. This breaks the joy and peace of the party which is meant to celebrate a couple's engagement. Every one claims that he does not know the girl. However, the inspector does find something suspicious there with the help of a diary book and a photo. Astonishing truth is gradually revealed - six of the noble family members are closely related to the girl’s death.

Markimdb: 6.8
Genreaction, drama, biography, sport
PlotOn real events, Sports, Boxing, Wedding, Rivalry
PlaceIndia, Asia
StyleExciting, Fascinating, Serious

A chronicle of the life of Indian boxer 'Mary Kom' who went through several hardships before audaciously accomplishing her ultimate dream.

Markimdb: 4.7
Genreaction, thriller, drama
CountryCanada, USA
CharactersCIA, Spy, Special Forces, Special agents, Tough guys
PlotSurvival, Martial Arts, Prison Break, Fight, Money
PlacePrison, Submarines
StyleUnexpected ending, Exciting, Action, Fascinating, Tense

A deep cover operative awakens to find himself imprisoned on a submarine. With the help of a fellow prisoner and an amateur agent, he must race against the clock to escape the vessel and expose who set him up.

Markimdb: 6.3
Genreaction, drama, sport
PlotKung Fu, Martial Arts, Boxing, Fight, Friendship
StyleExciting, Inspirational, Tense, Serious, Disturbing

Picking up after the events of Never Back Down 2, former MMA champion Case Walker is on the comeback trail to become champion once again.

Markimdb: 7
Genreaction, drama, sport
CountryUSA, India
CharactersTough guys
PlotLove, Fight, Relationship, Dreams, Rivalry
StylePsychological problems, Action, Inspirational, Soulful, Fascinating

A biographical drama based on the life of fictional Haryana based wrestler & mixed martial arts specialist Sultan Ali Khan.

Markimdb: 8.2
Genredrama, biography, sport
PlotOn real events, Fight, Competitions, Rivalry
PlaceIndia, Asia
StyleInspirational, Fascinating, Makes me think, Serious

The true story of the "Flying Sikh" world champion runner and Olympian Milkha Singh who overcame the massacre of his family, civil war during the India-Pakistan partition, and homelessness to become one of India's most iconic athletes.

Markimdb: 7
Genreaction, drama, biography
CountryHong Kong, China
PlotKung Fu, Martial Arts, Self-sacrifice
StyleInspirational, Philosophical, Atmospheric, Tense, For men

Following the death of his wife, Ip Man travels to San Francisco to ease tensions between the local kung fu masters and his star student, Bruce Lee, while searching for a better future for his son.

Markimdb: 7.2
Genredrama, biography, sport
CharactersTeens, Friends, Mothers
PlotOn real events, Sports, Soccer, Competitions, Rivalry
PlaceHotels, Sweden
StyleExciting, To cry, Inspirational, Serious

The life story of Brazilian football legend, Pele.

Markimdb: 7.2
Genredrama, family, biography, history, sport
CharactersAnimals, Horses, Housewives
PlotOn real events, Sports, Competitions, Rivalry
StyleExciting, To cry, Inspirational, Touching, Serious

Housewife and mother Penny Chenery agrees to take over her ailing father's Virginia-based Meadow Stables, despite her lack of horse-racing knowledge. Against all odds, Chenery - with the help of veteran trainer Lucien Laurin - manages to navigate the male-dominated business, ultimately fostering the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years.

Markimdb: 6.1
Genreaction, fantasy, melodrama, adventure
CountryTaiwan, Hong Kong, USA, China
CharactersDragons, Heroes
PlotLove, Adventure, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Revenge
PlaceChina, Asia
Time19th century, 18th century
StyleRomantic, Exciting, Light, By books, Atmospheric

A story of lost love, young love, a legendary sword and one last opportunity at redemption.

Markimdb: 6.5
Genreaction, drama, biography
CountryHong Kong, China
CharactersTough guys, Orphans
PlotKung Fu, Martial Arts, Revenge, Friendship, Rivalry
Time19th century
StyleExciting, Psychological problems, Action, Fascinating, For men

In 1868 during the late Qing Dynasty, rampant corruption on the Imperial Court inflicts much suffering in people's lives. For years, the Black Tiger’s fearsome boss Lei Gong has been trying to get rid of the leader of the Northern Sea. One of his latest recruits is Fei, a fearless fighter who takes the Northern Sea leader’s head after a fierce fight. Just as Lei Gong believes he has total control of the port, a new gang called the Orphans rises in power. Led by Fei’s childhood friend Huo, the Orphans are out to eliminate all the criminal power from the port…

Markimdb: 6.9
Genreaction, thriller, drama, adventure, biography, history
CountryUSA, Australia, Spain
CharactersWhale, Cannibals
PlotOn real events, Survival, Adventure, Death, Shipwreck
PlaceSea, Ships, Ocean, Uninhabited island
Time19th century
StyleExciting, Inspirational, Fascinating, Tense, Serious

In the winter of 1820, the New England whaling ship Essex was assaulted by something no one could believe: a whale of mammoth size and will, and an almost human sense of vengeance. The real-life maritime disaster would inspire Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.  But that told only half the story.  “Heart of the Sea” reveals the encounter’s harrowing aftermath, as the ship’s surviving crew is pushed to their limits and forced to do the unthinkable to stay alive.  Braving storms, starvation, panic and despair, the men will call into question their deepest beliefs, from the value of their lives to the morality of their trade, as their captain searches for direction on the open sea and his first mate still seeks to bring the great whale down.

Markimdb: 4.4
Genreaction, thriller
CountryUSA, Japan
CharactersNinja, Terrorists, Heroes, Warriors
PlotRacing, Adventure, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Revenge
StyleExciting, By books, Black humor, Serious, For men

U.S. agents send a gymnastic martial artist to secure a missile-base site in the savage country of Parmistan.

Markimdb: 6.9
Genreaction, drama, crime, biography, sport
CountryUnited Kingdom, France, China, Cambodia, USA, Germany
CharactersDogs, Hired assassins, Photographers
PlotLove, On real events, Survival, Martial Arts, Gambling
StyleExciting, Action, Fascinating, Tense, Disturbing

The true story of Billy Moore, an English boxer incarcerated in Thailand's most notorious prison. Thrown into a world of drugs and violence, he finds his best chance to escape is to fight his way out in Muay Thai tournaments.

Markimdb: 5.1
Genreaction, comedy, drama, adventure
CharactersTeens, Heroes, Friends, Tough guys, Wizards
PlotAdventure, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Karate, Friendship
PlaceSchool, Kitchen

Barry is an asthmatic kid having trouble in life. He lives with his father, a computer programmer, in Texas. Barry is struggling to get by in life, dealing with his rough school life, bullies, as well as his health. Barry's only source of enjoyment is fantasizing that he is with Chuck Norris. Barry becomes sick of getting picked on by the bigger guys, and decides to learn karate.

Markimdb: 6.6
Genredrama, biography, sport
CountryPanama, USA
CharactersBlonde girls
PlotOn real events, Sports, Boxing, Fight, Hunger
StyleExciting, Action, Fascinating, Serious

The legendary Roberto Duran and his equally legendary trainer Ray Arcel change each other's lives.

Markimdb: 4
Genreaction, drama, sport
CountryUSA, Canada
PlotMartial Arts, Rivalry
StyleExciting, Heavy, Serious, For men

On these streets everyone is fighting for a way out, but after a lifetime of hard knocks, a down-on-his-luck cage fighter gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he is chosen to compete against the MMA world champion during a massive competition. The stakes are high and the reward great...but should he lose, it will cost him his life.

Markimdb: 5.6
Genreaction, drama, sport
CharactersDogs, Tough guys
PlotBoxing, Fight, Fights without rules, Rivalry
PlaceNew York
StyleExciting, Atmospheric, Heavy, Tense, Serious

Small-town boy Shawn MacArthur has come to New York City with nothing. Barely earning a living selling counterfeit goods on the streets, his luck changes when scam artist Harvey Boarden sees that he has a natural talent for streetfighting. When Harvey offers Shawn help at making the real cash, the two form an uneasy partnership.

Markimdb: 5.9
Genreaction, comedy, drama, crime
CountryUSA, Hong Kong
CharactersHeroes, Losers, Tough guys
PlotKung Fu, Martial Arts, Revenge, Art, Rivalry
PlaceChina, Asia
StyleExciting, Action, Heavy, Serious, For men

After being humiliated in the ring by a dirty kickboxer who pulled down his shorts and then hit him, a martial arts master decides to travel to China and enter a monastery where he may learn the Shaolin form of fighting. The film then veers into "Karate Kid" territory where the novice humiliates himself at every turn, is tolerated as a foreigner, and still comes out a champion. The monastery teaches non-violence, but everyone knows that sooner or later the student will catch up with the bad guy.

Markimdb: 6
Genreaction, drama, military, biography, history
CharactersHeroes, Military, Soldier
PlotWar, On real events, Billiards, Rivalry
PlaceAircraft, Germany
TimeWorld War I
StyleFascinating, Serious, Disturbing

Spend time on both sides of World War I, partly with German flying ace Baron Manfred Von Richthofen (John Phillip Law), aka "The Red Baron," and his colorful "flying circus" of Fokker fighter planes, during the time from his arrival at the war front to his death in combat. On the other side is Roy Brown of the Royal Air Force, sometimes credited with shooting Richthofen down.

Markimdb: 6.4
Genreaction, thriller, drama
CharactersMafia, Gangsters, Ninja, Hired assassins, Heroes
PlotSurvival, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Revenge, Fight
StyleAction, Heavy, Tense, Serious, For men

A young man washes ashore, his memory gone - but his past comes back to haunt him after he is nursed back to health and his killing ability is needed when he takes on a powerful drug lord.